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8 Creative Poetry Apps - Archived

8 Creative Poetry Apps - Archived

Whether you are an amateur poet who enjoys writing and reading poetry for fun and to relax or you are or aspire to be a professional poet, there’s an app available to meet your poetry needs. These eight creative poetry apps will help you become a stronger, more fulfilled poet by giving you access to the works of poetry masters. Once you have read a range of poems, the apps will also give you tools, inspiration and instruction for creating your own works of poetry.

Poetry Creator

Poetry Creator is designed to inspire your creativity and help everyone write poetry. Much like magnetic poetry, you arrange words in the app into creative poems. You can do it for fun or actually try to create quality works. The app has multiple dictionaries to help you find words to fit your individual style or mash different styles together, such as combining Shakespeare with hip-hop.

Instant Poetry HD

Instead of writing captions for your pictures, use them to inspire poetry. Another app that works like magnetic poetry, Instant Poetry HD has you line up individual word tiles to make poems. The difference is that the poems are written on top of your pictures. Words are available in three different themes: love, sadness and passion.

Poetry Daily

Explore contemporary poetry one poem at a time with Poetry Daily. Users of the app receive one new poem a day from a contemporary poet, chosen from some of the top magazines, literary journals and best-selling books of poetry. You can also save favorite poems as you come across new poems that you like.

Poem Flow

Poem Flow makes reading poetry a unique experience. The app turns poems into flowing animation as they are read aloud. The animation may make poetry more enjoyable for those who typically dislike reading poetry or help current poetry enthusiasts find new poems to enjoy. It’s also an ideal app for memorizing poems from famous poets.

POETRY from The Poetry Foundation

POETRY from The Poetry Foundation is a poetry library for your smartphone or tablet. Access poems from classic poets, such as Tennyson or Shakespeare, or search for poems from more contemporary poets. The app allows you to explore different poets and poetry styles, helping you gain an appreciation for poetry or serving as inspiration for your own writing.


Not all poems have to rhyme, but if you want to include rhymes in your poems, the RhymeNow app will come in handy. Rhyming words are organized by syllable to help you choose the perfect rhyme. You will also see commonly used words highlighted.

Verses Notebook

The Verses Notebook app gives you a place to write all of your poetry. You can jot down verses or ideas as they come to you or sit down and write an entire poem at once. The app also contains a built-in rhyming dictionary which allows you to look up rhymes for words without leaving the poem you are working on. Once your poems are finished, save them for yourself or share them with friends through Facebook and Twitter.


iPoetry 101

If you’re just beginning to write poetry or skeptical about your poetry writing abilities, iPoetry 101 is designed to help you. The app gives users step-by-step instructions for writing eight different types of poems, including diamond poems, 5-line poems and wish poems. Each poem style comes with examples and suggestions for revising your poem drafts.