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Educational Apps: GazziliScience App Lessons - Archived

Educational Apps: GazziliScience App Lessons - Archived

educational appsGazziliWorld, a developer of innovative educational apps for young children announced today the availability of its GazziliScience app which is included as a “New & Noteworthy” pick in Apple’s iOS App Store. The new application joins the company’s other engaging products including the Webby Award™-nominated GazziliWords, GazziliShapes, and GazziliPuzzles. All of the apps feature a “dual-curriculum” approach that focuses on both the subject matter and the underlying technology used by the child.

Concepts such as Sinking vs. Floating, the Water Cycle, and the Four Seasons are all explored through the GazziliScience app lessons. Users are encouraged to interact with the content and also have fun with the app’s music, animations, and other features. As the child progresses through each lesson, a portion of a “GazziliFunPage” is revealed, which acts as encouragement for the child to complete each section. In addition to learning science content, users also develop important hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Early childhood educational experts from New York City’s The Dalton School worked with GazziliWorld’s developer team to best guide the science content to the preschool audience and ensure it presents real educational value.

“We are very pleased to launch GazziliScience, our latest app presents science phenomenon in the most basic terms,” said Adam Gittlin, Founder of GazziliWorld. “It takes a topic such as ‘the parts of a plant’ and makes it both informative and exciting, which is essential when teaching a very young audience. Many of this youngest generation are already adept with iPads and iPhones, and we are fulfilling the need for quality educational tools that can help young learners understand the importance of science and other areas such as words and shapes.”

For more information about the GazziliScience application and GazziliWorld, visit GazziliScience can be downloaded through iTunes here:

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