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10 Best Apps for Elementary Art Teachers - Archived

10 Best Apps for Elementary Art Teachers - Archived

Elementary Art TeachersElementary art teachers have the opportunity to help students build their artistic skills and develop an appreciation for art. To do this, they must incorporate different artistic mediums into their lessons and allow students to express their creativity in a variety of ways. The 10 best apps for elementary art teachers introduce students to new ways to create art and expose them to some unique forms of art around them.

Faces iMake

Faces iMake is a creative app that allows students to use everyday objects to create faces. Students will have fun trying to replicate popular characters in buttons or just making silly faces with fruits, marbles and other fun objects. The app also teaches students that everyday objects can be used in unconventional ways.

Art Around Us

Art Around Us exposes to students to all different kinds of artists and mediums. Written at a second and third grade level the app features reading passages, definition cards and images related to all different types of art. The discussion questions can be used to test students’ understanding of the different types of art or help them explore a type of art further.

Mini Painters

Mini Painters encourages students to draw together. If you are lucky enough to have iPads or smartphones in the classroom, you can use the app to allow students to play drawing games or share their creations with one another. Not only will students boost their drawing skills, they will be able to socialize while learning.

How to Draw

How to Draw helps students who are interested in becoming better artists and students who have no clue where to start when it comes to drawing build their skills. The app features a step-by-step approach to help students learn to draw common objects and cartoon characters. Students draw directly in an app and the drawing screen features a grid to make the drawing process easier.


Brushes is a unique painting app designed for both elementary and advanced artists. Teachers can use the record and playback options to model techniques for students. Students can play around with the different brushes and color features to create their own paintings.

Let’s Create! Pottery

With Let’s Create! Pottery, students can explore a different medium of art. Students can throw clay on the pottery wheel and use their fingers to mold and shape it into virtual masterpieces. The app also allows them to experience the process of firing and glazing the clay to create a finished piece of pottery.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage takes an art activity most students enjoy, making collages, and turns it into a form of digital art. With the app, students can combine digital pictures, text and stickers into fun digital collages. The app even includes its own scissors to give the art the look and feel of a traditional collage made of cut-outs.

Art App – ClearPainting

Art App – ClearPainting allows students to experiment with colors and images to create unique paintings. Photographs can be used as backgrounds and then added to or transformed to create new, high-quality images. Students can doodle on top of them and experiment with the opacity of the colors as they do.

Eden – World Builder

Eden – World Builder gives students a chance to explore art and express their creativity by building a world. With this app, they use different types of blocks to build different land features and create a digital world.  They can paint their worlds,  make them fall prey to fire and destruction and add fun creatures too.

Laser Lights

Laser Lights show students another way to explore and create art.  The app allows students to create digital laser light shows. They can create the shows to correspond to a certain song or simply move their fingers in different ways around the screen to create unique effects.