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7 Must Have Apps for Calculus - Archived

7 Must Have Apps for Calculus - Archived

Apps for CalculusWith all of its limits, functions, derivatives and formulas, calculus can make a student’s head swim. The 7 must-have apps for calculus help clear up some of the confusion. With multiple representations of calculus concepts and a wealth of practice opportunities, these apps make learning calculus a little less confusing.

Shmoop AP Calculus

Shmoop AP Calculus is another study tool for students taking AP Calculus. It contains multiple full-length exams to help students prepare for the type of questions on the test and develop the stamina to complete the entire test. Special drills allow students to work on specific topics and concepts. While the app is designed with AP students in mind, the drills are also appropriate for students taking other calculus courses.

Calculus FTW

Calculus FTW helps you understand calculus by offering step-by-step solutions to common problems. You can find problems for nearly every concept in a basic calculus class, as well as explanations of the relevance of the questions. If you want to try solving a problem on your own and get stuck, the app will offer hints to help you get to the answer yourself.

Wolfram Calculus Course Assistant

Wolfram Calculus Course Assistant is designed to help you complete your calculus homework and study for calculus exams. The app can be used as an answer-checker, solving calculus problems for you and then providing a step-by-step explanation of how the problem was solved. It is designed for students of all levels of calculus, but only offers one or two ways to solve derivatives, so it may not be as useful for students in higher levels of calculus.

Free Graphing Calculator

A graphing calculator is an essential component of a calculus class. Free Graphing Calculator saves you from having to buy and carry around an expensive graphing calculator. When you create a graph using the app, you have the ability to zoom in and out, find intersections and make tables of the values of functions. You can also look up common formulas and other basic information.

Calculus Pro

Calculus Pro offers tools to help you study calculus at home. Included with the app are tutorials on topics such as limits, arc length, integrals and various rules. Examples include images, diagrams and sample problems to help students develop an in-depth understanding of complicated concepts.

AP Exam Prep

AP Exam Prep helps students taking AP Calculus AB or BC prepare for the AP exam. The app includes 25 free questions from actual AP Calculus exams. Students may also opt to purchase more questions for an additional fee. As students go through the app they can flag questions for further review or create customized study plans to focus on problem areas.


iCalculus is designed for calculus students and those who need to use calculus skills in real-life situations. The app solves common calculus equations, including differential equation systems and systems of linear equations. It supports multiple functions and can complete multiple financial operations, such as finding the constant or developing an amortization scale.