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Top 6 Apps for Flipping Your Classroom - Archived

Top 6 Apps for Flipping Your Classroom - Archived

Flipping Your ClassroomTeachers all over the world are flipping their classrooms. Instead of doing homework and projects at home, students watch lectures and videos. When they get to class they engage students with activities and tests designed to test what students have learned. While flipping your classroom may sound like a good idea, it requires having a way to present information to students at home. These top 6 apps for flipping your classroom will give you the tools you need to turn your classroom upside down.


With VoiceThread, classroom discussions take place online. Whether watching a video, viewing a presentation or simply answering a question, teachers and students can leave voice and text comments and drawings for one another. Instead of simply watching a video or lecture at home, students can actually interact with it as if they were in the classroom, adding a whole new dimension to flipping the classroom.


The videos featured in the TED app come from experts, professionals and some of the brightest minds in the world of education. Students can watch lectures, documentaries and other videos designed to teach them about important concepts in nearly any subject. Using the app, teachers can assign videos for students to watch in place of a traditional lecture.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has a library of more than 3,000 videos and the majority of them are accessible through the Khan Academy app. Videos and topics are available for nearly every grade-level and subject from kindergarten through 12th grade. Students can see a history of the videos they have watched and access playlists of related videos.

Explain Everything

With Explain Everything, teachers can import PowerPoint presentations, PDF files and other documents. They can then add animation, annotation and narration to those documents. The app works like an interactive whiteboard, allowing teachers to create a traditional lecture with the app and then share it with students.

Screen Chomp

Screen Chomp is a virtual whiteboard. Teachers can use to present information to students. Instead of having to watch a teacher write on the board in real-time, everything done on the board is recorded. Students can watch a teacher solve a math problem, see visual charts and diagrams or watch the teacher doodle as she talks on an accompanying audio file.


An interactive whiteboard, Educreations gives teachers a way to create a video tutorial for students. Perfect for a flipped classroom, teachers can record their lectures and add visual elements to help students understand difficult concepts. Help offered in class can also be recorded and uploaded to make it accessible after class.