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7 Best Apps for High School Theatre Teachers - Archived

7 Best Apps for High School Theatre Teachers - Archived

As a high school theatre teacher, you dream of taking students to see shows on Broadway and engaging them in productions and readings of classic and contemporary plays. Unfortunately, funds are often limited and not only can you not take them to see high-end shows, you also often struggle to find a suitable performance space and quality works for them to perform. The 7 best apps for high school theatre teachers provide you a way to bring new dramatic experiences into the classroom for your students. Through the apps students will learn to express their creativity and also learn from some of the best in the world of theater.

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Sock Puppets

While it not be high-brow theater, the Sock Puppets app allows you and your students to create your own sock puppet shows. Multiple characters are featured in the app, including sock puppets to represent current political candidates. Students can then record conversations between the sock puppets, add props and scenery and create a hilarious puppet show. The app may prove to be an invaluable way to teach students about improve or to get them to open up and express themselves in class without having to actually get on stage in front of their peers.


Learn all about the latest shows on Broadway with iBroadway. While the app will not allow students to watch an entire Broadway show, they will be given access to general information about popular shows, video clips from the shows and interviews with Broadway actors. The app will also help theater teachers keep up with the latest theater news, reviews of new shows and other information to work into their classes.

Dramatic Music App

Sound systems and fancy sound effects are expensive, but you can create the feel of an actual theatre with quality sound effects using the Dramatic Music app. Designed for fun, you can use the app to enhance scenes in your theater classroom, adding dramatic music to regular conversations or using the app to guide students during an improve exercise. Since your theater classes are likely full of multiple drama kings and queens, chances are you will find multiple uses for the different sounds and themed-collections contained within the app.

Scene Partner

For most actors, remembering lines is a challenge. Scene Partner is a tool students can use to help them remember and practice those difficult lines. Not only can actors read their lines from the app, but they can hear the lines from other characters read as well. The app features multiple male and female voices to read the lines or students can actually record their cast mates reading the lines and play them back. Lines can be highlighted, broken down into smaller sections and given beats to make them easier to remember.

My Lines

My Lines is another tool designed to help actors learn their lines. While less extensive than the Scene Partner app, My Lines does allow actors to record their cast mates reading their lines. The app will play the dialogue until an actor’s cue is reached. Once the actor says the lines, the recording can be resumed until it is time to say the next line. An actor’s lines can also be highlighted or bookmarked and changes to the script can be made directly in the app.

Broadway World

Broadway World is a resource for helping theater teachers keep up with all of the latest news and events in the world of professional theater. The app contains breaking news stories, reviews and videos related to theatre. Included in the app is a radio broadcasting the latest hits from Broadway. Access to the Broadway World message boards is also available to allow teachers to discuss theater news and get ideas for their classrooms.


You can’t teach theater without giving a nod to the infamous Bard. The Shakespeare app features the complete works of William Shakespeare in an easy-to-use format. Shakespeare’s works may be browsed by keyword or by title. As you and your students read through the works, you have the ability to highlight the text and easily move from scene to scene. Students will also have fun playing with other elements of the app such as the random quote generator.