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Top 8 Apps for Teaching Creative Writing - Archived

Top 8 Apps for Teaching Creative Writing - Archived

iDeas for Writing
Teaching creative writing can be a lot fun, especially when it comes to reading the creative pieces your students write. However, getting them to come up with ideas for those pieces is often difficult. The top 8 apps for teaching creative writing give you multiple resources to help spark your students’ creativity. From writing prompts to fun games and activities to help them choose characters and settings, these apps will get your students to think outside of the box when it comes to their writing.

iDeas for Writing

With iDeas for Writing, writers will never be able to use writer’s block as an excuse again. The app features multiple creators to help choose titles, characters and writing the first line of a piece. Also included in the app are exercises to help get a story started, develop characters for later use, practice writing dialogue or just get in some quick creative writing practice.

Lists for Writers

Lists for Writers contains just that, lists designed to spark a writer’s creativity. Lists are arranged into four different categories: characters, plot, words and miscellaneous. Whether a writer is having trouble coming up with conflict or finding an action verb, the app is designed to help find a solution. It is an ideal app for helping students get past writer’s block in the middle of a piece or to encourage them to keep writing.


Younger creative writing students will enjoy publishing their own stories through the Picturebook app. Using the app, students can write their own short stories and publish them as picture books. Multiple pictures are available to illustrate the stories and younger writers can even create picture books made up solely of pictures instead of adding text. Once finished, students’ stories are easily shared with others.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts gives users plenty to write about. This app features hundreds of writing prompts based on current events, popular texts and other subject areas. Users will find story starters, special writing exercises, scenes and word-based writing prompts to get them started or help get them past writer’s block. Favorite prompts can be bookmarked and prompts can also be searched by key terms or genres.

Story Dice

The Story Dice app can be used to spark children’s creativity. By rolling the Story Dice, they can come up with ideas for settings, characters and general topics for stories, poems and songs. In addition to writing, the dice can be used to play a game of charades, practice performing improve or enjoying other activities designed to get students in a creative mood.

99 Words

99 Words offers a unique approach to writing a story. With the app, users collaborate to create stories. Each story is written a chapter at a time and no chapter may contain more than 99 words. Once one person has written 99 words, it is passed on to the co-author who writes the second 99 word chapter. The process continues until all 10 chapters of the book are complete.

The Brainstormer

Those who have no idea to begin when it comes to writing may be The Brainstormer app useful. The app features three different wheels: subject/setting, plot/conflict and theme/setting. Users can scroll through the different wheels and make their own choices for each category or choose to have them randomly selected. From there, the ideas can be used to start a new creative work.

Story Skeleton

Story Skeleton is designed to help writers organize their creative works or write them in bits and pieces. The app contains electronic index cards which can be used for jotting down story ideas, plot elements or short lines of text. Index cards may be organized within the app or downloaded to a simple text file and added to a larger word processing file.