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Pop Culture in Education - Archived

Pop Culture in Education - Archived

Launching our fourth issue of the AvatarGeneration iPad magazine, we focus on using popular culture in education, and give our readers hints, tips and links to the most innovative popular cultural resources on the web for teachers.

Popular culture is all around us, and it has an influence over students that no other single social force has. We knew that using popular culture as a theme in our fourth issue would be an interesting undertaking, but we had no idea how many fascinating tools, worksheets, ideas and technologies were out there. This issue first looks at the big three pop culture mediums; music, film and graphic novels, and how these can be actively used for learning, rather than being passively used for student entertainment.

Popular Culture in Education

Don’t miss ‘The Ultimate Guide to Digital Story Telling Tools’, an educational technique firmly set in the 21st century. If you haven’t used these tools in the past, they are great way of waking up your creative writing classes. These tools motivate students, and tease out critical thinking and visual literacy in a way that was unheard of twenty years ago.

In game based teaching we feature some giants of the video game world, including SimCity and Portal 2, and we talk to passionate educators in Skoolbo and Portal 2, who have found games to be a classroom-changing tool. We also take a different look at online games with Space Heroes Universe, and how Australian students collaborated with academia and developers to learn about game development.

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