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Teaching Math with Mangahigh

Teaching Math with Mangahigh

Mangahigh is a next generation online math resource for 7-16 year olds. It uses the power of video games to engage students and balance fun with learning. The site contains hundreds of fun quizzes and games along with powerful analytics tools that allow teachers to assess students’ progress.

Based in the UK, Mangahigh was founded by an experienced team of mathematicians and game specialists. In the UK, all Mangahigh games are tied to the UK National Curriculum and cover all topics from Key Stage 2 up to GCSE. In the US, Mangahigh offers broad coverage of state standards and the Common Core, and they also offer comprehensive coverage of the Australian curriculum. Schools have recorded significant improvements, between 11% and 48% in written test scores as a result of using Mangahigh.

In this video, Neil Bradford (Deputy Head) of Featherstone High School in London, talks about the dramatic impact of games-based math on students GCSE results and how Mangahigh has intensified interest in math as a subject.

Setting up Mangahigh for your school is as simple as registering. Through the admin panel you can add more teachers, add your students and start teaching with Mangahigh. Themed on the popular manga comic style, Japanese is used to name specific activities. Quizzes are known as  ‘Prodigi’ and contests as ‘Fai-To’.

Challenges are specific exercises that teachers can assign to individuals or classes. They can be either games or ‘Prodigi’, a curriculum-compliant interactive quiz that has a wide range of specific lessons to choose from. Students must then successfully complete these challenges by achieving the target pass mark within the timescale given. The assignments can be completed from home or at school through the online platform and students are awarded Prodigi medals for their efforts. A bronze medal demonstrates that the lesson has been understood, a silver medal demonstrates a deep understanding of the lesson and a gold medal demonstrates an exceptional understanding of the lesson.

Manga High Challenges

There are almost 600 adaptive Prodigi lessons to choose from covering everything from Column Addition to Trigonometric Graphs and all the math games are accompanied by lesson plans. Mangahigh lets you set tasks within math games, allowing you to add some fun to homework or set a challenging activity in class. Teachers can also track and examine their students’ performance through the analytics tool and students have access to their own progress statistics.

Manga High Analytics

Mangahigh has a global math contest system for schools called ‘Fai-To’, which is Japanese for encouragement or fighting spirit. Two schools go head-to-head and any points scored by students during the Fai-To counts towards their school’s total score. Each round lasts for 24 hours and runs until one school has won 5 rounds, for a maximum of 9 days. Fai-To does not affect the way that students or teachers use Mangahigh, it’s simply a way to motivate students for an intensive burst of activity.

Teachers use Mangahigh to:

  •  Help students explore new areas of math.
  • Teach new concepts.
  • Assess students’ understanding.
  • Encourage collaborative work.
  • Raise engagement and enthusiasm for math.

If you want to learn more about the platform, free online teacher training sessions are run at times catering to timezones in Australia, UK/Ireland, and the United States/Canada. Mangahigh has a free package or a paid performance plan with additional features.