11 Online Software & Apps for Lesson Planning - Archived

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Lesson-planning can be a tedious process and having to make changes to existing lesson plans every year can take even longer. However, online apps and software are designed to make the process of lesson planning much easier.

Not only do many of these give easy-to-use templates for creating lesson plans, they also offer other features, such as tracking standards coverage, providing tools for collaborative lesson planning and making lesson plans accessible from nearly any location. Using apps for lesson planning or tools can help teachers stay on top of their lesson plans and improve their organization in the classroom.


CorePlanner is online software geared towards the Common Core State Standards. As teachers create lesson plans, they can easily insert the relevant standards into their lesson plans. The software also tracks their use of the standards and allows them to run reports to analyze their lesson plans in relation to the standards.


Planboard, as its name implies, is designed for teachers who are planners. Using this online software, teachers can plan out their curriculum for the entire academic year. After creating the big picture, they can begin to create individual lesson plans and quickly see how those individual lesson plans fit into the year as a whole. Those needing lesson plan help can also access pre-made, collaboratively created lesson plans from teachers around the world.

OnCourse Systems

Lesson Planner from OnCourse Systems helps the teachers and administrators in a school get on the same page when it comes to lesson-planning. Easy-to-use tools help teachers create comprehensive lesson plans that align to the standards and quickly share those lesson plans with other teachers and administrators. After reviewing lesson plans, administrators can leave comments, run reports and stay up-to-date with what teachers are doing in the classroom.

Common Curriculum

Common Curriculum is another technology that helps teachers organize their lesson plans and align them to educational standards. This online software is designed to work with whatever personalized lesson plan template a teacher prefers to use. Teachers can store their lesson plans within the software, making them accessible for multiple years. They can also group lesson plans into units or work on collaborative units with other teachers.


PlanbookEdu makes a teacher’s lesson plans and accompanying files accessible from virtually anywhere, as long as they have internet access. As teachers create lesson plans, they can attach all of the worksheets, assessments and other files that accompany the lesson. This helps keep teachers organized and saves them from having to pull files from multiple locations when it’s time to print lesson materials.


LessonPlanning by TheTeacherCloud is an iOS app that allows teachers to choose from multiple categories to create their own lesson plan categories. As they create lesson plans using those templates they can quickly align them to the Common Core State Standards, Australian Curriculum and other National Curriculums.


Planbook works on both the iPad and through Mac and Windows operating systems. With the built-in lesson plan template, teachers can create daily and weekly lesson plans and post them online for students, parents and other educators to see.

Common Core Lesson Planner

Common Core Lesson Planner offers both a standards-aligned lesson plan tool and a grading tool in one app. Designed for both Android and iPad tablets, teachers can use this app to carry their lesson plans with them. A handy special feature also allows teachers to input their lesson plans using voice technology instead of typing them out.


iLessonReady focuses on helping teachers create lesson plans based on student learning targets. With the app, students can see what they are supposed to be learning, aligned with the Common Core, and teachers can quickly track what they have been learning.

Teacher Plan

Teacher Plan does more than just provide a place for teachers to create individual lesson plans. The app also offers hundreds of suggested generic activities that teachers can bring into their lesson plans as they create them.


iPlanLessons helps teachers organize lesson plans for multiple classes in one place. Using the app, teachers can connect lesson plans and other lesson components, such as assessments, with specific groups of students, helping them keep track of what each group has completed.