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Linden Lab’s take on Minecraft with Blocksworld - Archived

Linden Lab’s take on Minecraft with Blocksworld - Archived

Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life have developed a brand new kid’s application for iPad. Blocksworld, similar to Minecraft, lets users build creations using 3D style Lego blocks. Using simple drag-and-drop controls, you can add interactivity and animations to anything you build such as crazy characters, cars, space rockets, animals, robots, planes and monsters.

Released in August 2013, they have updated the app with some new cool features. There is now an age gate that will prompt users to enter their birthdate the first time opening the app. Another recent update to Blocksworld includes changes to the scarcity model. Previously, if players used up their inventory of blocks in a world, they couldn’t use them in another world without destroying the first. Now, players can use their entire inventory in every creation in Blocksworld.

Gaming features have been improved, users now have more robust tools to specifically create their own games in Blocksworld, while introducing them to programming principles as they play. Another recent update uses Kamcord to record in-game videos, which can be shared within the app and across social channels. This update opens up even more opportunities for Blocksworld users to have fun while expressing their creativity.

Sure to be a hit, Download Blocksworld now from the AppStore.