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Messy Mia Storybook App For Kids

Messy Mia Storybook App For Kids

Messy Mia and the Tale of Ancient Tech” is an exciting animated storybook app about old technology for curious kids and retro parents. We’re very excited here at AvatarGeneration to launch our very first kids storybook.

Messy Mia tells the story of a young girl learning about technology from days gone by. In her journey to find her mom’s TV remote, Mia makes friends with Zed, a friendly robot keen to tell her all about old technology. Kids learn about the differences in technology from when VHS, cassette tapes, and dial-up internet were common, to today’s high tech world. The storybook, ideal for kids aged 4-8, creates a unique and fun experience for kids to get excited about the history of technology.

Messy Mia

Unique from head to toe, Messy Mia and the Tale of Ancient Tech is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire.

Co-writer Samantha Kotey, explains “Kids these days don’t know how easy they have it.  Messy Mia was born out of my passion for all things digital and being a new mom, I wanted to find a way to tell my daughter about how technology has changed since I was young” .

Messy Mia encourages conversation between parents and kids, letting them reminisce about their life before modern technology. The storybook app also reinforces comprehension through three reflection sections. This helps kids think about what they have learned in the book, and reflect on how technology has changed from the past.

Messy Mia

The story has 20 fully interactive pages in both English and Spanish, and also includes 4 fun games ‘Color Mia’, ‘Match the Tech’, ‘Tidy Mia’s Room’ and ‘Memory’. The app allows kids to read the book on their own, or for younger kids, to have it read to them. Join Mia on an adventure to discover the tale of ancient tech!

Key Features of Messy Mia and the Tale of Ancient Tech

  • 20 fully interactive pages
  • 4 fun games
  • Spanish and English versions
  • ‘Read myself’ and ‘Read to me’ modes
  • ‘Thinking about things’ reflection section

Download today on iPhoneiPadAndroid and Kindle Fire.