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20 Best 3D Printers for Schools, Students & Beginners - Archived

20 Best 3D Printers for Schools, Students & Beginners - Archived

3D printers for schools are the newest gadget to unleash a kids creativity.

From students to beginners, we’ve compiled a nice list so you can see what the options are. Probably the most deciding factor is going to be price. 3D printers can range from very affordable to a price that will make you say ‘eh What?’

As a teacher or beginner, getting into 3D printing, you just want to consider a few things. Is it easy to use, are the prints good, what materials can I print with, does the company provide support (because you’ll probably need it), and is there an online community I can reach out to.

Like buying your first car, you don’t need all the futuristic features, but something that’s study, reliable and from a trusted brand.

For schools, many companies have education programs for 3D printing to help get set up, making it easy for schools to support curriculum plans with this technology. Students are encouraged to learn by creating everything from science projects to artwork. 3D printers are transforming the way children solve problems and invent new objects. Imagination is limitless, when you can print just about anything (within a reasonable size).

1. Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

The best 3D printers can support multiple filament types, like the Monoprice Select Mini. Users can print in PLA, ABS, conductive PLA, dissolvable PVA or wood and metal composites. The printer has an open framed design, and users can begin printing straight away. It comes with preinstalled models on a Micro SD card and the printer is fully assembled. On the lower end of the price point scale, this affordable printer is great for beginners.

2. New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer

The MOD-t is a beautifully designed 3D printer and definitely worth considering. The printer operates silently and is easy and safe to use. If schools need help at any time, New Matter give unlimited tech support. The New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer is a low maintenance device and you can start printing within 20 minutes of setting up. Kids can also print from any device as the printer is WiFi enabled.

3. FlashForge Finder

FlashForge is an easy to use 3D printer for beginners. It has a touchscreen pad with simple icons and this cool looking 3D printer wraps it all up in a cube. You can print via WiFi and it also has a USB point. At a very affordable price point, the FlashForge is great for kids, classrooms and those just starting out. Some of the features include a real-time print status, a slide-in build plate so it’s easy to take out the prints, and it comes fully assembled.

The latest model is the FlashForge Finder Inventor II. They’ve added a cool feature where the printing actually stops when the machine senses the door has been opened. Perfect unique feature for kids!

4. Qidi Technology

The Qidi Tech printer prides itself on being reliable, affordable and cost effective. As a beginner 3D printer, it has everything you need with good support if any issues arise. There is easy to use software so you can get started learning how to 3D print and the printer uses ABS and PLA filaments. With a solid metal frame and dual extruder, beginners will get a lot out of this printer.

5. Micro M3D

The Micro M3D is a popular 3d printer for schools and comes in a variety of different colours. With an affordable price point and sleek design, students and teachers will fall in love with this machine. M3D have a YouTube channel with tutorials and printing ideas, that will help get those creative juices flowing.

6. Robo R2 Smart 3D Printer

The Robo R2 smart 3D printer has an onboard camera that records prints in real time and you can watch it from your phone! The speed of this machine is what sets it aside from the rest. At 250 mm per second, it’s one of the fastest printers and has a large build volume. There’s a new Robo app for IOS devices so you can control the printing from your phone. All this doesn’t come cheap though! For beginners that can afford it, this is a cool next generation printer.

7. XYZprinting da Vinci mini 3D Printer

Made for beginners, the da Vinci mini is a top class printer for schools and families. It uses a special bio-compostable non-toxic PLA filament from XYZprinting made from materials like sugarcane and corn starch. Simple to use and kid friendly, the xyzmaker software makes the whole process of 3D printing very easy.

8. Flash Forge Inventor 3D Printer

Newly released, the Flash Forge Inventor is a desktop printer targeted at the education sector. Between affordability and the performance of the product, this is an amazingly engineered machine. The real-time monitoring lets students and teachers watch the printing procedure from a smartphone or PC.

9. Makerbot Replicator

The Makerbot Replicator provides great results that empowers students to be creative at any education level. The Makerbot Replicator comes with content that is ready for the classroom. This content can connect to Thingsiverse Education, a community full of content and helpful tools. Thingsiverse Education features hundreds of free printing lessons and a community of teachers and students where you can discuss tips, ideas, and the most effective printing procedures.

10. Printrbot 

PrintrbotWhen you choose a Printrbot Simple Metal over another 3D printer for schools, budgets will stretch a lot further. This printer is cost-effective so that you can easily purchase the correct amount of 3D printers. Printrbot will work with what you have, and the cloud-based software makes it a simple task to print from any device, platform, browser, or even a USB connection. If you’re looking for resources, check out our list of websites to download free STL files.

11. Dremel DigiLab

The Dremel DigiLab 3D Printer is a reliable 3D printer that can build objects in just minutes. A ready to use curriculum and exciting lesson plans make integrating it into the classroom a breeze. They combine this extraordinary tool with their first-rate service and 3D printing school curriculum for a revolutionary learning experience. This model includes a fully enclosed work place, an active cooling fan, and a build platform that is also removable.

12. Robox

The Robox 3D printer features an interlocking safe door, enlarged capacity and amplified speed. This machine will help to break down the walls between design and manufacturing, and it hopes to inspire and motivate the young people of today to create and invent. Elements are taken from STEM to incorporate lessons and teaching plans. Many schools are using the Robox to help teach students the fundamentals of designing and building.

13. Polar 3D

The Polar 3D printer was built for educational purposes and belongs in every classroom no matter what the subject. The design is very easy to use and the cloud interface makes it simple to manage 3D printing, just as easily as 2D printing. The Polar 3D is a revolutionary printer that will open up new opportunities for students looking to get into design and engineering.

14. Robo C2

If you are looking for a small yet convenient 3D printer for schools, then Robo C2 could be a good choice. The Robo C2 is a compact printer and can be accessed via Wi-Fi. This specific 3D printer was designed to fit anywhere in your classroom with ease. Another great aspect is the automatic self-levelling feature, which helps to make the most precise and accurate prints possible.

15. Ultimaker 2+

The Ultimaker 2 was designed and built to perform and produce consistent results. It is user-friendly and is compatible with a wide range of materials. There is an active global community of other makers who you can compare and contrast tips and ideas with to help improve your 3D printing. There’s even an app to make 3D printing even easier.

16. ZEUS All-In-One by AIO Robitics

The ZEUS All-In-One 3D printer has been described as one of the smartest printers you can set up in your school or university. With just the touch of a single button, you can scan, edit, and print your 3D designs. Kids will also be able to look through 3D files on-board ZEUS from millions of modes that are listed online. All of the filaments used are plant based and have an amazing finish.

17. LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer

Lulzbot is an innovative 3D printing technology that deserves a place in your classroom. Lulzbot offers an appealing curriculum and encourages educators to help motivate students and their creativity. Whether you are a beginner, student, or a professional engineer, Lulzbot was built and designed to assist any level of 3D printer users. This printer offers over 30 different materials to help add to your experience when it comes to building and creating.

18. Zortrax M200 Pro

The Zortrax M200 can help with prototyping, testing, designing, mould-making and dimensional imagination. This printer is quick and easy to learn how to use and fits well in the classroom atmosphere. It is a simple yet effective printer that students will grow accustomed to, plus there’s a wide choice of colour filaments that can be incorporated into 3D designs.

19. XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 AiO All-In-One

Named as one of the world’s best all-in-one printers, the XYZprinting AiO lets users scan and print out 3D objects. There is a speedy scan algorithm which takes less than five minutes, and an asymmetrical 2-way laser scan. The XYZ software is very simple to use for children.

20. Afinia H800

For a genuine ‘out-of-the-box’ 3D printing experience, the Afinia H800 is the 3D printer for schools for all subjects. This printer was chosen as the recipient of an award by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and Rapid technologies and Additive Manufacturing (RTAM) committees. This hands-on machine is easy to use, even if you do not have much knowledge of 3D printers.


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