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12 Best Card Games for Kids – Shuffle Up The Fun

12 Best Card Games for Kids – Shuffle Up The Fun

“I’m bored” – two dreaded words on a long journey or rainy day stuck in at home.

Although mobile tablets offer a world of apps and games to fight boredom, what happens when a battery dies, or a screen cracks? Stashing a deck of cards in the glove box of your car can be a great way of solving emergency playtime situations.

Card games for kids are simple, affordable, and fun ways of entertaining kids without the fuss of chargers and the fear of in-app purchases.

When most people think of card games, they think of a standard 52 deck, but now, card games have evolved from Go Fish and Slapjack to a huge range of fun and exciting games specifically for kids. From matching numbers and shapes, to building sentences, defusing bombs, and exploding kittens, these 12 card games are sure to excite everyone.

1. Exploding Kittens

This Kickstarter hit has launched itself into the cat loving homes of thousands. Exploding Kittens is one of the most unusual card games for kids that is all about kittens and explosions. This easy to play game starts with everyone taking turns drawing one card from the face down deck as they go around the table. You keep drawing until someone gets an exploding kitten, at which point they are out of the game, unless they can diffuse it with another card. Filled with other hilarious hand-drawn cards for strategy, this game is a can’t miss hit!

Ages: 7 and up

2. Uno Card Game

Uno Card Game is one of the most popular card games for kids, fun for all ages. This one hundred and eight card deck includes four suits of twenty five cards, eight wild cards and an instruction book. You can play a single players standard game, two handed, a partner included, or tournament options for more variation on this classic game. The cards store neatly in the included box and fit in almost any bag or small space.

Ages: 7 and up

3. Codenames Pictures Card Game

Unleash your inner spy with the Codenames Pictures card game. This fun game has various pictures on the main board. Split into two teams and select a spy master. The spymaster will give you clues to help you guess to figure out who the spy they need to contact is. This game boosts word association and helps you learn to think strategically to give clues to your team without giving away answers to the rival team.

Ages: 10 and up

4. Sleeping Queens

Use strategy and luck to wake up the Sleeping Queens. This special edition of the game comes in a beautiful tin card holding case. The object of this game is to use your cards to wake up the sleeping queens that are laid out in the middle of the table. You can use knights to steal a queen or take a risk and use the juggling jester. No matter how you play it, you will have a great time.

Ages: 8 and up

5. Not Parent Approved

This one hundred percent family friendly game is the winner of Scholastic’s Gold Star Toy Award. Not Parent Approved is a hilarious fill-in-the-blanks word card game.The game comes with four hundred and fifty-five cards. Everyone takes a turn drawing the sentence card, while the other players secretly submit hilarious noun cards to finish the sentence. Then the main player has to guess who said what.

Ages: 8 and up

6. Rat-A-Tat-Cat

This game of strategy and memory will have kids laughing along as they try to win. To begin Rat-A-Tat-Cat, everyone is dealt four cards face down. You are only allowed to look at two of the cards. The object of the game is to have all low numbered card, which have cats on them. However, you will have to guess the probability of the other two unknown cards. They could be high cards which are rats. Swap out cards by dealing to try to outwit your opponents.

Ages: 6 and up

7. Poop: The Game

Don’t clog the toilet in Poop: the game! It starts by everyone being dealt a hand of cards. Then a player puts down the toilet card. This card has a number of poops allowed before it clogs, for example 10. You then play your number cards strategically so that you don’t clog the toilet and have to take all the cards. The winner is the player who gets rid of all their cards first.

Ages: 5 and up

8. Wig Out!

This fast paced card game tests your matching skills. Each card has a funny hairstyle on it. To play, each player gets dealt five cards and then you turn over two cards from the deck. You must have a match of two identical haristyles to put down your cards into the matching pile, or have two cards to start a new match pile. Players continue to draw until someone gets rid of all their cards and yells WIG OUT! You can play it fast paced or slow it down and take turns drawing and placing.

Ages: 6 and up

9. Sushi Go! – The Pick and Pass Card Game

Pick a card and pass the deck along with the Sushi Go! game. Card games for kids that help develop probability and strategic thinking are excellent learning games. The object of this game is to pick one card from the deck and lay it face down. Then pass your deck to the next player who does the same. With multiple decks in play you have to try to add up your sushi points while guessing what everyone else has.

Ages: 8 and up

10. Hoagie

It’s a race to build the perfect card sandwich with Hoagie, but beware, other players can give you rotten cards to mess it up. This fun multiplayer game deals cards out and you have to strategically place and trade your cards to build a perfect sandwich, from top to bottom. Players are also given rotten Oogies which are spoiled pieces. These cards can be played to slow other sandwiches down. Build your sandwich first to win.

Ages: 5 and up


Noted as the worlds faster card game, BLINK relies heavily on speed and accuracy to win. This two player game focuses on your ability to match your card to the one on the pile by either color, number or shape. To begin, deal the cards evenly. Then each player pulls one card from their deck to make one of two piles. Pull three cards from your personal deck, flip the pile cards over and GO!

Ages: 7 and up

12. Man Bites Dog

Use your cards to make up the best headline for the paper. Man Bites Dog is a point based card game that will have you creatively thinking and laughing along with outrageous headlines. Each player is dealt five one worded cards, and you are able to exchange up to three and draw new cards. With your deck, you must think up the best arrangement of the words to make a hilarious headline sentence. Each word has a point value and extra points are awarded for best laughs.

Ages: 8 and up

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