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10 Coding Apps For Kids Full of Adventure!

10 Coding Apps For Kids Full of Adventure!

Parents everywhere are eager help their kids get a head start in life, and adventure coding apps for kids can help them do just that.

You can take any town and find tons of after school programs, craft clubs, piano schools, language classes and, of course, football teams. All of these teach kids the skills that will help them succeed.

But how can we help them prepare for a world that’s only getting more and more connected by technology? Need to help improve their math skills? There’s a game for that.

Want to give them a crash course in design? There’s a program for that. Luckily there’s a growing number of coding apps for kids and online content that are here to help you out.

As always, we’ve got your back- here’s a list of 10 coding apps for your adventurous child.

1. GoldieBlox: Adventures in Coding – The Rocket Cupcake Co.

GoldieBlox: Adventures in Coding

Who says coding is only for boys? With GoldieBlox, girls (or boys) will be glued to their smartphone or tablet until they’ve helped Goldie and her friends finish delivering cupcakes to everyone in Bloxtown. All while learning fun coding tricks along the way, of course. One of the coolest coding apps for kids, GoldieBlox will take you on a learning adventure.

2. codeSpark Academy with The Foos

codeSpark Academy with The Foos

Need colourful characters to keep your child engaged? With codeSpark, your young programmer-to-be will learn to build their own projects in Foo Studio and be tinkering away for hours on end. With a program designed using research from institutions like MIT, Princeton and Carnegie Mellon, codeSpark is optimized to help kids get coding. The app is word-free, meaning anyone can use it regardless of language. Replay value is high, as extra content gets published each month for subscribers.

3. Box Island

Box Island - Award Winning Coding Adventure

With an exciting story, educational tutorials and a beautifully rendered 3D world, Box Island is an adventure for any kid looking to connect with the basics of programming. With an award-winning platform and compatibility with the Hour of Code™ campaign, Box Island sets itself apart from other coding apps for kids.

4. Tynker


One of the best coding apps for kids, Tynker unlocks your child’s creativity by giving them an open sandbox to create their own projects, all while being supported by over 100 step-by-step tutorials. Your young programmer will learn the basics through fun games like Candy Quest, Monster High and Crash Course. Kids can also build their own content to share with their friends online. With connectivity to related products such as Sphero and Lego WeDo2.0, your child can bring the fun with them to the outside world.

5. Nancy Drew Codes and Clues Mystery Coding Game

Nancy Drew Codes

What else does anyone need on a Saturday morning other than a good mystery? Players are joined by their very own robot puppy, who needs to be programmed to help kids find clues and solve the case in this hidden object game. With Nancy Drew there’s a focus, unlike some coding apps, on helping kids jump right in without previous knowledge of programming skills. With a fast-paced story mode, an adorable puppy companion and a dash of female empowerment, your child will blast through all six chapters of this fun game.

6. Human Resource Machine

Human Resource Machine

One of the App Store’s “Best of 2016” entries, the Human Resources Machine game rises above the best coding apps with a wealth of puzzles, an easy entry into essential programming concepts and a humorous take on the office world. Kids program little office workers to help keep their bosses happy and progress through a vast office building full of varied and entertaining tasks and activities.

7. Sprite Box: Code Hour

SpriteBox : Code Hour

Kids will help Sprite find and free his friends! Giving pre-set commands will eventually help kids get used to how code looks in real life. Sprite Box uses a simplified ‘icon’ system to help kids give Sprite commands, and players eventually begin switching over to use real code across 20 unique levels. With 150 stars for your child to collect, this app keeps players engaged until they’ve unlocked everything.

8. Learn to Code with el Chavo

Learn to code with el Chavo

Having diverse heroes like el Chavo, distinguishes this platform from other coding apps and teaches kids values like openness and critical thinking. The app has a parents’ section for keeping track of your child’s progress and two tutorial levels focusing on spatial reasoning and sequences. The el Chavo app helps kids learn the patterns behind coding logic and increases their problem solving skills.

9. Coding Pirates Game

Coding Pirates Game

Land ho! Coding apps and pirates – what better way to learn programming than treasure maps and exotic seas. With Captain Hack, coding pirates lets players navigate the southern hemisphere in a search for unexplored islands and unclaimed booty. With two campaign modes for beginners and novices, a custom level editor and an unlockable multiplayer mode, these pirates know how to get the job done. When it comes to keeping your kids engaged and entertained, what better life than a pirate’s life?

10. Save the Animals

Save the Animals: Coding Game

Coding, sustainability, social responsibility – what’s not to love? Built to engage kids of any coding level, Save the Animals teaches core programming concepts while educating them about the wider world. Kid will learn about endangered species like Capybaras, Tamarins and Elephants, as well as exploring real-life habitats like Rainforests.