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7 Exciting Kids Tech Crowdfunding Projects To Watch Out For - Archived

7 Exciting Kids Tech Crowdfunding Projects To Watch Out For - Archived

Keeping track of new and upcoming kids tech crowdfunding projects can help you get ahead of the crowd. Find out what’s original and new in the world of kids technology as new crowdfunding projects are being posted every day. These projects are packed full of innovative ideas, and can help you plan what kids are going to be crying out for in the future. Crowdfunding works by developers posting up a project they are looking for funding, and the great online public make donations to see it happen. In return, they can get small rewards, discounts, tickets to product events, or get on a wait list for when the product comes out.

Here are some of the most exciting kids tech crowdfunding projects to watch out for in 2017. Some have been fully funded and are on the way, and others are still looking for funders.

MAKERbuino: A DIY game console

Playing with technology takes on a new meaning with the MAKERbuino DIY game console. Kids can build their own handheld games console from scratch using electronic components. All of the components needed to build the console are included in the kit, which is then programmed using Arduino IDE. Fun retro games are pre-loaded onto the console, and kids can even program their own games using the MAKERbuino games library.

Airblock: The Modular & Programmable Starter Drone

Drones are this generation’s remote control car. Airblock is one of the first modular and fully programmable starter drones on the market. Kids build the drone by connecting pieces together and create their own drone prototypes like hovercrafts, spiders and triangles. Using the Makeblock app, kids can also learn to program their drone and do cool aerial stunts. Having been fully funded through Indiegogo, the drone is now under production.

Octopus Watch by Joy: Icon Based Watch

Getting kids to learn routines can be frustrating and challenging for both kids and parents alike. The Octopus watch is a digital watch that uses icons to help kids remember good habits and teach them how to tell the time. With over 600 icons like brushing teeth, a knife and fork, and sports equipment, kids will be prompted to remember what needs to be done every day. The watch has three modes that are adapted to different ages of development, and is a great tool for kids aged 3 to 8 years. The Octopus kids tech crowdfunding project is now funded and is estimated to be shipped in May 2017.

Hackaball: A Computer You Can Throw

Smart objects are all the rage at the moment, and Hackaball is a new idea for combining play and programming. The ball teaches kids programming and gets them moving at the same time. Kids build the ball, and then program what games they would like to play. The ball rumbles, lights up, and makes noises. Kids can unlock features and share their new games with friends. Hackaball has been fully funded and can be ordered for delivery in Spring 2017.

Mover Kit: Get Kids Moving, Building & Coding

Another kids tech crowdfunding project that looks to get kids moving is the Mover Kit. Mover Kit is a piece of wearable technology that kids put together themselves like LEGO. They can then program the kit and make their own apps to create games. The kit gives kids a way to learn programming and electronics while being active. Everyday activities can be gamified and made fun, while also getting kids to learn the fundamentals of STEM.

Jewelbots: Friendship Bracelets That Teach Girls To Code

Jewelbots are a kids tech crowdfunding success story, with over $150,000 pledged by backers. Now available in stores, Jewelbots are programmable friendship bracelets that teach kids the basics of coding. Kids can then connect with friends wearing the bracelet and send secret messages to one another. The website also has an active online community where kids can get help from others, and get creative with their coding.

Orboot: The Educational, Augmented Reality Globe

Learning about countries of the world will be much more fun and interactive with Orboot. Using augmented reality, this smart globe is programmed for kids to scan using their smart phone and learn about the world. Kids will be shown animals, monuments, food, inventions and more from each country. Combining geography and tech in a globe will definitely make learning more fun. A great idea, with an estimated arrival date in October 2017.