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7 Handy Websites to Download 3D Printer Files and Free STL Files - Archived

7 Handy Websites to Download 3D Printer Files and Free STL Files - Archived

Free 3D printer files can transform your kids’ 3D printing projects. Rather than having to design their own objects, kids can get to grips with 3D printing by downloading files made by others.

There is a great range of different websites with free STL files. These can offer not only free 3D printer files, but also can help kids get involved in the 3D printing community. Kids can enter contests, redesign existing files, post up their creations, or even sell their objects. Keep in mind that most of the websites require a quick sign up in order to download the files.

Take a look at the most popular 3D printing websites to download free STL files.

1. Thingiverse


Communities of 3D printing enthusiasts come together and share free 3D printer files on Thingiverse. Hundreds of different designs and projects are free to download. Kids can search through categories like fashion, gadgets, and learning, and expand their 3D printing collections. Some of the most popular designs include self-watering planters, whistles, toothpaste tube squeezers, and spinning tops.

2. YouMagine


Over 12,000 free 3D printer files are available on YouMagine from games and jewellery, to gadgets and educational projects. Kids can download free STL files, remix other members projects, and even share their creations with the community. The files are ready to print, making 3D printing simple and exciting.

3. Pinshape


Another popular free STL files website, Pinshape, lets members download, print, and even sell their creations. Regular contests and community forums help 3D printing enthusiasts perfect their projects. All types of 3D printing files are available to download including toys, miniature figurines, household gadgets, and jewelry.

4. My Mini Factory

My Mini Factory

One of the more “kid friendly” websites, My Mini Factory has a huge range of STL files. Search in the education category to find history, science and geography files, perfect for school projects. The website also has lots of design challenges, where more advanced 3D fans can work on projects and win prizes.

5. 3DShook


3DShook has a selection of free STL files especially created for kids. Take a look in their Childhood category for 3D printing inspiration. Most of all, finding and printing files is made easy as kids can search by time to print and number of parts. 3D printing pens are easy another option for kids starting out who might find 3D printers hard to use.

6. Threeding


A packed website full of educational and fun 3D printer files, kids can learn about the past by printing objects on Threeding. A brick of the Berlin Wall, reclining Budda, and map of the Giza pyramids are all available to download and print. This website also has interesting architecture projects like Chinese temples, Spanish castles and Dutch houses.

7. 3Dagogo


3Dagogo is another 3D printing website packed full of fun, exciting, and curious 3D printing files. With both free and paid for designs, parents can search by print difficulty to find beginner friendly 3D files for kids. If you’re not sure what 3D printer to start with, check out our list of 3D printers for kids, or the best 3D printers for inspiration.