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10 Best VR Games for Kids: Google Cardboard Apps

10 Best VR Games for Kids: Google Cardboard Apps

Virtual headsets are becoming more and more popular among the young and old. But once you get one, the search begins to find great content.

What are the best VR games for kids? Are they suitable? Are they educational? There’s a variety of Google Cardboard apps to explore, some good, some not so good. Because the technology is so new, many games companies are still experimenting to find the sweet spot between entertainment and immersion.

Virtual reality is the ultimate combination of two worlds coming together to create a fun and enjoyable experience for people of all ages.

Here is our pick of 10 of the best VR games for kids for Google Cardboard.

Best VR Apps For Kids

1. Zombie Pirates

Zombie Pirate

There aren’t many kids out there who don’t love zombies and pirates, so when they combine in a VR world, it is bound to be exciting. Zombie Pirates is a 3D VR shooting game where you have to defend your island filled with gold from the army of zombie pirates who are coming for it. The trusty gun shoots water balloons to defeat the odd looking arm and keep the gold safe.

Available for: Android and iOS

2. Peronio Pop Up Book

Peronio Pop-Up BookThanks to VR, reading is becoming even more engaging and enjoyable for kids. This interactive story book is a prime example why. Peronio Pop Up Book is like a holographic reading experience. The story follows Peronio through his life journey figuring out what he wants to be when he grows up. There are also exciting mini games and challenges embedded in certain pages of the story.

Available for: Android and iOS

3. Ninja Kid Run VR

Ninja Kid Run VR

One the newest VR apps for kids, Ninja Kid Run VR lets users achieve their dream of becoming a ninja for a day. It’s a thrilling race through the city as a ninja, taking on challenges and accepting missions along the way. There are obstacles to jump over and moving targets to hit. You will have to duck to avoid being hit by anything and always keep an eye on the stars, which you can break open to reveal the object within.

Available for: Android and iOS

4. CoSpaces

CoSpaces – Make your own VRCoSpaces is the coolest of VR apps for kids in which you get to create literally anything you want. This is a great chance for kids to design their ultimate lifestyle room. There are endless objects and characters that can be used to decorate the space. The characters can be animated however you like and given a personality. These spaces can be shared with friends as well for a VR catch up.

Available for: Android and iOS

5. Adventure Time: I See Oooo VR

Adventure Time I See Ooo

It’s Adventure Time with Jake the Dog and this VR app has plenty of action. The Ice King is being a party pooper in Oooo Land and it’s up to you, playing as Finn, to find out why. There are fast paced mini games which unlock part of the answer and help you track down all the party guests. The ultimate goal is to get the party unfrozen so that Finn can live it up with his pals.

Available for: Android and iOS

6. Tara’s Locket

Tara’s Locket

This is a sweet illustrated VR story which takes you on a journey with Tara through her country of Ireland. There are amazing landscapes and folklore stories from Ireland’s Atlantic coast which inspired this game. Storybook VR games for kids, are up and coming, and Tara’s Locket is a first-of-its-kind.

Available for: Android and iOS

7. Stone Age Snap VR

Stone Age Snap VR

Allow Stone Age Snap VR to take you on a journey to prehistoric times where you get to be the photographer. Can you spot a sabre tooth tiger or a gator? Make sure you don’t get trampled by a mammoth! Save your best prehistoric snap and look through all the photos later. There are amazing environmental backgrounds depicting what the stone ages looked like.

Available for: Android and iOS

8. Space Rustlers VR Flying Game

Space Rustlers

Rustle up and see what’s happening in outer space with the Space Rustlers VR Flying Game. The cow kind are endangered in outer space by the intergalactic cow rustlers. Thankfully, you can save them with some arcade games and blasting the alien invaders from the cow plane. Cows only have four lives so you’ve got to make all of them count in this VR game!

Available for: Android and iOS

9. Jurassic Virtual Reality

Jurassic Virtual RealityThis is just about the closest way to experience dinosaurs in real life. The ultimate dino ride comes to life with Jurassic virtual reality. This app is something like a time machine that transports you back 65 million years when these majestic creatures roamed the earth. Get up close and personal with the dinosaurs as you explore Jurassic island shores and jungles.

Available for: Android and iOS

10. Cleanopolis VR 

Cleanopolis VR

Probably one of the only VR games for kids about the envoirnment, Cleanopolis VR is certainly unique. It features the character of Captain Clean who takes you on a journey through four districts in which there are eight mini challenges. Along the way, you must clean up the world, reduce carbon emissions, and help tackle climate change. This app introduces kids to the concept of environmentalism and how they can help have a positive impact on the world.

Available for: Android and iOS