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Code Drones and Robots with Apple’s Swift Playgrounds App - Archived

Code Drones and Robots with Apple’s Swift Playgrounds App - Archived

Apple has expanded its groundbreaking Swift Playgrounds application, partnering with third party coding toys so kids can now code their robots and drones.

Swift Playgrounds is a perfect coding app for beginners and students that want to learn more about the coding world and language. This exciting app is centered on teaching kids and adults how to code by using a collection of coding lessons and challenges.

The Swift Language is what is prominently used when creating IOS system apps and games.

While most of the toys and apps on the market use the block coding method, the Swift Playgrounds app has it’s users learning and writing out code from day one.

Now that Swift Playgrounds has partnered with these toys, it will allow you to play with and code your toys in a new way that allows more control and variation to what you can do. Kids are able to see the codes they create come to life with their favorite robots, instruments and drones.

Below are a few of the current toys that have linked with Swift Playgrounds and what features they offer.

Lego Mindstorms

Popular in home and classroom settings, Lego Mindstorms has given kids the power to build and code various robots, creatures, vehicles and inventions. With the Swift Playgrounds app, kids can write out code, program their creations, interact with robots and control the built in sensors.

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Sphero SPRK+

This adorable ball is called Sphero and has a variety of codes and commands that kids can input to get him rolling and into creative action. Now with the app, you will be able to change Sphero’s color and program him to recognize obstacles or even your feet. Also included is the ability to code Sphero to play a game of pong with you and a friend via the Sphero Arcade application.

Parrot Mini-Drones 

Flying a drone has never been as much interactive fun, until now with the Swift Playgrounds app. Users can create lines of code to control their drone. From take off, to a perfect landing, when the Parrot Mini-Drones are paired with this app then your whole flight is covered. You can input code for tricks such as tilts, pitch, yaw and rolls. The iPad is also sensitive to movement and you can tilt it to have the drone go up or shake it to have the drone flip.

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One of the leaders of the coding robot pack, UBTECH has partnered some of it’s robots to the app allowing you to give them exciting and interactive moves. The Jimu Robot can be programmed to walk or do a full dance. At a show for the Swift Playground app, Apple showed off the Jimu robot doing the Gangnam Style dance.

Skoog Cube

Other third party partners include the Skoog cube, that lets users explore music and how to create and play with it in the swift code. You can also partner with Dash, a cute creative robot that is designed to teach kids the basics of coding, creating and problem solving.

The Swift Playgrounds app is available now through the app store and is free to download and use. This app is compatible with all of the iPad Air and iPad Pro models. It is also available for use on the iPad mini 2 and later generations that are running iOs 10 or later.