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Code Karts Coding App for Preschoolers

Code Karts Coding App for Preschoolers

Give your preschooler a fun jumpstart into the vast world of coding with the Code Karts coding app for preschoolers. This exciting new app from Edoki Academy puts your child in the drivers seat of a cool race car as it helps them learn how to sequence, process if-then statements and work on building their problem solving skills.

How to Play

Code Karts is easy to learn without extra help needed from parents or teachers. The first few levels have a built in tutorial that uses a hand icon to point to what kids need to click. This visual aid will help kids learn the concept of the game quickly so they can get to playing.

The basic concept is to sequence arrows in a line of code so that the race car goes from the start to the finish line. The first few levels are easy and only require one or two arrows, but as the game goes on the problems add new levels of difficulty. Also in the paid version of the app there are additional challenges and a competitive play mode that lets them play against the device.

code kartsSequencing

Sequencing refers to putting the commands, or in this case arrows in a line that act as a step by step action. When playing the game, the race car is looking at a road that has many turns. Kids will need to figure out what turns the car should make in order to stay on the road and reach the finish line.

They will drag each arrow into the sequence box, setting them side by side. When they have finished and clicked play, the race car will then follow the arrows as they are laid out. If you make a mistake then you can go back and figure out which block threw you off and work to fix it.

Problem Solving

Figuring out how to get the race car from start to finish without crashing requires a degree of problem solving. The easier levels offer simple problems that may seem too easy for some kids, but as you continue in the game, the problems become more difficult and you must make turns away from the finish line in order to loop back around and reach it.

Games like these get kids to think outside the box and use trial and error to find a solution. If one way doesn’t work, then they have to try another. It also can encourage kids to work together to solve the problem by taking turns or putting their head together to see what works.

Code KartsIf-Then

The If-Then concept is a large part of the programming world. It asks and answers the question of “If i do this, then what will occur”. To utilize this common coding formula, Code Karts introduces dots that are called switches. If the race car runs over a red switch, then a red colored gate will open up and allow the car to reach the finish line.

This app offers a free version that gives ten levels, or you can download the paid version that gives over seventy levels and allows kids to play either individually or competitive against the device. You can also have multiple profiles in the app so that you can use it in classrooms or on a single device with multiple children passing and playing.

It also supports over twenty-four different languages, so that kids across the globe can play Code Karts. The app does not use text, other than numbers so that any child can understand and play.