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Program Cozmo using Coding Based on Scratch Blocks

Program Cozmo using Coding Based on Scratch Blocks

The tiny robot with a huge personality is now easier to program with the Cozmo Code Lab app. This newly launched app allows kids and adults to easily learn coding to create new ways of playing with the Cozmo robot.

Cozmo was not made to sit and wait, he is impatient and wants to play now with kids. If left alone he will go into free roaming mode in search of fun or trouble to get into. Cozmo comes with blocks that he interacts and plays with.

With this new software, you will be able to add more features and animations to Cozmo, than the basic app that was previously used to code and drive him.

This free app allows users to quickly learn a visual coding block language. Cozmo creators at Anki partnered with Scratch Blocks to create this easy to use code.

While coding is a language of it’s own, the Cozmo Code Lab app works to bridge the gap so that beginners can learn the language as well as seasoned coders. The command blocks line up horizontally and do not require any extra coding language or input. Simply drag and drop the coding action into the slot.

There are four different types of blocks that kids will be able to select when they begin coding Cozmo. Movement blocks give Cozmo simple command like moving forward, backwards or to avoid objects. Action blocks control Cozmo’s body such as lifting his arm, saying short phrases or his lights changing.

The Animation blocks are the key to Cozmo’s personality. Finally the Event blocks give Cozmo the ability to react to someone’s face, a smile, a frown or users can program his cubes to trigger a reaction.

cozmo code lab

After learning the basic horizontal mode, users can switch to a more advanced mode that allows them to code vertically. This feature unlocks more access to coding Cozmo and users can dive into more complex behaviors for him and even create new games to play.

The advanced coding is more complicated, but the app is built around teaching you how to use simple coding, and then moving you on to more advanced levels when you feel ready.

One of the new advanced coding features that was unrolled is a Cozmo watchdog mode. In this mode, Cozmo will patrol around and greet familiar faces. However, if a stranger approaches, Cozmo will shout out an alert.

Anki has mentioned that they are open to expanding the app, adding more features and possibly opening the coding blocks, so that kids can learn the coding lines that go into making each command block.