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SelfCAD – The 3D Print Tool & CAD Program That’s Easy To Use

SelfCAD – The 3D Print Tool & CAD Program That’s Easy To Use

3D printing is hot right now, but it’s not as easy to get started with as one might like. The first time you look at a 3D CAD program you might get a headache. There are so many options, tools and tutorials to follow, that the barrier to entry is too high for some people, never mind young students.

SelfCAD is a new tool, created to be user friendly. This all in one online software allows you to design, customize and then print any object. Everything is done in this software without you needing to jump around or change screens. SelfCAD is browser based, which means that you will not need to download anything. To use the program you just pull up the website and create an account or login. It’s as simple as that!

The interface is very user friendly and is great for beginners or students that want to learn and create their own objects. New to 3D printing individuals can start a project and learn as they create with easy to grasp tools.


While there are instructions you can use to learn about the software, many users have commented that it was easy to learn by just clicking around or beginning a project and playing with it. This is a perfect option for students and classrooms that want to integrate 3D printing into the curriculum. This program also has more intermediate and advanced features for users that already have experience with 3D printing software.

There is also a great feature included in the software called the Magic Fix Function. This tool allows you to check and optimize your 3D objects for errors, before you start printing for hours and then realise you’ve made a mistake.

SelfCAD has also partnered with MyMiniFactory where there are over 25,000 ready to print objects! This partnership gives users the ability to print without having to create designs from scratch. The objects can be selected and printed as they are, or you can use the SelfCAD software to change, redesign or customize each object to your own liking. Users are also able to upload their own designs and creations to MyMiniFactory for others to have access to. This allows the library to constantly grow and evolve as more people use it.

The best part is that since the partnering, MyMiniFactory has deposited their overflowing library into the SelfCAD software. This way while you are in the software working, you can easily click and load in a project without having to switch windows or tab to another website.

For students, teachers and schools, SelfCAD is offering a 3-year free license, access is via email. For other users, there is a free 30 day trial and then it’s a $9.99 monthly fee that users pay to maintain basic access. You can also choose from a Premium membership that is $11.99 per month or a Professional membership for $14.99 per month.