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Learn Math by defeating Aliens with Maths Super Elite App

Learn Math by defeating Aliens with Maths Super Elite App

Pick your character, customize and then save the world from alien invaders with the Maths: Super Elite App. This cool game features great action levels of climbing, jumping, collecting gems and avoiding obstacles. It is also a great way for kids to play and learn more about math and problem solving.

There are forty-five uniquely crafted levels for kids to play through that have vibrant colors and neat obstacles to avoid. The characters are fully customizable and you can choose between an equal number of male or female players.

The app features many integrated math problems, from simple addition and subtraction to multiplication and division. Inside the settings, parents can change the difficulty levels of the math problems and select what type of problems they want their child to play through.

It also records daily stats of correct and incorrect answers, so parents or teachers can monitor how their child is doing with the game. This feature also saves the history so that you can compare the math skills scores over a period of time to see if they are improving.

However, this game isn’t just for kids, teens and adults will find hours of fun playing as everyday super heroes that battle through levels to save the world from the alien invaders. The integrated math problems fit in easily and are a good way for adults to brush up on simple problems.

Maths: Super Elite came to be when parents Sarah and Kevin McGrath were on their smart device one day searching for a good app to let their kids play. The problem they kept bumping into was that while there were fun games out there and educational games, there wasn’t a good bridge between the fun and educational divide.

Kevin had worked in the computer games industry for a number of years and together they decided to create a game for kids that had the fun action game play, paired with a good educational focus. The couple created the game and then tested it out with their three kids.

Maths Super Elite AppThe teenage kids would send it back to them with notes letting them know if it was too easy or too difficult throughout the levels. These young testers kept the game fun with action based play, while helping adjust the math equations ability to coincide with the gameplay. Available for IOS.