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Nintendo Switch Gets a Build it Yourself Cardboard Makeover

Nintendo Switch Gets a Build it Yourself Cardboard Makeover

Now you can build your own cardboard toys to play with your Nintendo Switch!

Well this is an interesting add on. Nintendo have developed a series of cardboard accessories for their Nintendo Switch console. It reminds me of when Google Cardboard began, a simple build it yourself cardboard box for a phone to experience VR. Now with Nintendo Labs, kids can make all kinds of crazy things and fit their hand held console into it.

Launching in April, there will be two kits available, a Variety Kit and a Robot Kit. The idea behind it is to get kids building and creating essentially app toys. ‘Make, Play & Discover’ is the tagline and I’m sure kids will just love it. It’s a fun activity to take them away from the screen and it’s easy to see the learning value.

So what kind of stuff can you build? In the Variety Kit your can make a toy keyboard, a motorbike, a house, remote control cars or even a fishing pole.

The Robot Kit lets you make yourself into a cardboard robot. Then as you play the game you can control the game robot with your body.

For more information visit Nintendo Labo. It’s certainly going to be a hit and one can imagine the opportunities and developments that can come from building cardboard toys. After all, you can build anything really from cardboard, so kids are going to start getting very creative!