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25 Best Augmented Reality Apps (Some games like Pokemon Go)

25 Best Augmented Reality Apps (Some games like Pokemon Go)

Augmented reality apps for kids and adults are a great way to connect your digital and real life. These apps vary from educational apps to games and even a digital advertising app created to make your outing more informational.

For younger kids, augmented reality apps are more coloring based. Bringing their colored characters to life. As they grow older, the apps are more based on games like Pokemon Go, showing them monsters in the real world that they can interact with.

There are also educational based apps for all ages, that allow users to see and learn more about the human body or the solar system, and an app that allows you to digitally trace sketches on paper. These augmented reality apps show digital content through the camera of your smart device, giving you a window into a digital world that interacts with the real one.

Here are 25 of the best augmented reality apps for IOS and Android ranging in age from kids to teens to adults.

Best Augmented Reality Apps

1. Pokemon Go

Pokémon GOBecome the ultimate Pokemon trainer with the Pokemon Go app. This game partners with GPS to track streets and roads around the world so that you can track and catch Pokemon around your real world. You can even turn on the camera and see Pokemon through the screen projected into your house or outside. Landmarks are pit stops that you can visit to receive gifts like eggs that will hatch when you walk a certain distance.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids, Teens, Adults)

2. Mobbles

MobblesMobbles is one of many new games like Pokemon Go. To play you walk around your area and catch little creatures. You can raise, fight or trade them with your friends. You are able to challenge your friends across the globe to real time battles. There are over seventy monsters to collect and they spawn in different land type areas. You can also customize them with over two hundred outfits.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids & Teens)

3. Skylanders Battlecast

Skylanders BattlecastCollect Skylanders cards and then bring them to life with the Skylanders Battlecast app. Scan your cards to see the creatures pop up into a 3D character then collect them in the app. You can use the app to battle friends or random players around the world. Enjoy seeing battle moves and details with this exciting augmented reality app.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids & Teens)

4. ZooKazam

ZooKazamLearn about and interact with virtual animals when you bring them to life in a real setting with the ZooKazam app. Like many augmented reality apps, this fun app brings a virtual element to your real life. Simply print out the surface and open the app. Inside you can choose your animal, then point the camera at the printed surface to see your animal appear. You can photograph, video or change the weather around in.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids)

5. Peronio Pop-Up Book

Peronio Pop-Up BookMeet Peronio, an adventurous little boy who can’t decide what he wants to be when he grows up. The Peronio Pop-Up Book is an exciting game and book app. You can view it with your iPad on the printed paper map, interact with it from your computer screen or put on a virtual reality headset to dive deeper into the book. You will be able to follow along with the story and face challenges and mini games.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids)

6. Chromville

ChromvilleBring your coloring pages to life with the Chromville app. This free app for kids lets you choose which village to visit: Firecity, Stonetown, Greenland, Waterville and Cloudskingdom. Print out a coloring page, use your favorite colors then pull up the app to bring the characters to life. Kids will enjoy seeing the characters work and play in the app’s screen.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids)

7. Ingress

IngressThe world is the game with the Ingress App. This advanced augmented reality apps for teens is a thrill to play with friends and the rest of the world. You will walk around your area to see the mysterious energy sources, collect objects and fight for territory as either a part of the resistance or the enlightened who seek to embrace the power.

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Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)

8. Cats GO

Cats GO!Explore your world and catch pocket cats with the Cats GO app. You will use yarn balls to catch different cats, like a panda cat or a donut cat. Use your camera while playing to experience the augmented reality of seeing the cats in your real world. You can catch them alone or tag along with your friends to attract more cats.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)

9. Quiver – 3D Coloring App

Quiver - 3D Coloring AppFormally known as the original augmented reality coloring app “colAR Mix”, now updated and revised Quiver offers free and paid options for coloring and play. The standard version offers coloring pages that range from animals to vehicles. There is also a one time paid educational version that focuses more on biology, solar systems and geometry. Educational discounts are available for schools.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids)

10. Cyber Chase Shape App

CyberChase Shape Quest!Augmented realty apps for kids are cool attention grabbers and can help them learn as they play. The Cyber Chase Shape App is excellent to teach kids about shapes and how they fit together. To play, print out the AR map page and then point your iPads camera to it. The app will bring up a 3D world that your child can play in and use shapes to help construct a path.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids)

11. WizAR Kids Flashcards

WizAR Kids FlashcardsMake your flash cards come to life with the WizAR Kids Flashcards app. This augmented reality app lets you scan the flash cards to see a 3D version appear. Users can see animals, fruits, vegetables and mathematical puzzles through your devices screen and in your surrounding area.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids)


OOBEDU Augmented Reality Kids AppLet exciting augmented reality apps for kids take learning the alphabet to the next level. The OOBEDU app is a free app that you download with the purchase of the OOBEDU flash cards. To play, open the app and scan in one of the cards. You can then rotate the 3D model that comes up, make it take action, learn information or take a selfie with the object.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids)

13. Play Shifu

Play ShifuWhile a lot of augmented reality apps focus on one main category, the Play Shifu app gives you a broad range of things to do, learn and interact with. To play, you will need to purchase the cards packs from their website. Once you have your card, open the app and scan it for the augmented reality world to come alive. You can play with safari animals, learn about various jobs, travel the world, seek our the solar system or explore fusion.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids)

14. Star Walk

Star WalkIf you are looking for a game that has the location settings like Pokemon go, then check out this night time app. The Star Walk app lets you point your phone to the night sky to find and map constellations, stars and planets in real time. This app also partners with your Apple Watch to alert you of any upcoming astronomical events. You can also use a time machine to study the night sky for tomorrow or go back years in time.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids, Teens, Adults)

15. Anatomy 4D

Anatomy 4DHave fun learning about the human body with the Anatomy 4D app. This free app is easy to use and is a great way to get teens interested in parts of the body. To use this app simply download and print off the target images and then open the app to explore. Parts of the body or a whole body will appear for you to zoom in, rotate or learn more about it. This app lets you explore and learn about the human body with intricate details.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)

16. Zombies Everywhere

Zombies Everywhere!If you’re looking for more interaction in world games like Pokemon Go, then check out Zombies Everywhere. This game lets you see and take down various zombies that are projected on screen in the real world. Whether you are at home or out walking the city streets, you will come into contact with zombies and it is up to you to save the population.

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Available for: iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)

17. Landlord Real Estate Tycoon

Landlord Real Estate TycoonPlay Monopoly in the real world with Landlord Real Estate Tycoon. This app lets you purchase percentages of properties around your area and you get paid each time someone visits the area. Like Monopoly you can buy, sell and trade your properties with other players. This game is free to play and offers in app purchases.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)

18. Clandestine Anomaly

ClandestineTeam up with Aliens to defend your neighborhood from catastrophe with Clandestine Anomaly. In the app you will see GPS maps that are becoming popular in games like Pokemon Go, so that you can wander around in your real world to play. While in the app you will see clusters of enemy alien robots that you have to approach and destroy before your neighborhood is lost to them.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)

19. Inkhunter

INKHUNTERTry on tattoos before you make the decision to get one. Augmented reality apps can be more than just games, and with Inkhunter you are able to see what a tattoo would look like on your body. You can choose from various pictures in the gallery or upload a tattoo of your own design.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)

20. SketchAR

SketchARUse augmented reality to sketch and draw with the SketchAR app. This app draws a virtual image when pointed at paper and will register as you trace it. Using small circles on the page in strategic areas, you will be able to center what you want to sketch and then add or take away detail for the tracing. It is recommended that you use a clipboard to keep the paper from sliding and losing it’s connection to the app.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)

21. Crayola Color Alive

Crayola Color AliveBring boring old coloring books to life with the Crayola Color Alive app. This app partners with coloring books to bring your child’s colored friends to life. The physical coloring books are sold in various stores and come with crayons, including a special effects crayon such as fire or sparkles. The app is free to use and has paid content available.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Kids

22. AR Dino Defense

AR Dino DefenseDefend your home from dinosaurs with the AR Dino Defense game. To play open the app and turn on the camera to see dinosaurs coming towards you from your own home background. In games like Pokemon Go, you are able to see the augmented reality creatures like they were in your world. With the Dino defense game, you will attack a variety of dinosaurs and collect rewards for each wave you defend.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)

23. Park AR

Park ARTest out your driving skills with the Park AR game. This fun driving based game lets you see various parking lots from the map sheet that you place on a surface of your choice. You can play as one of many vehicles, from a small car to a tractor trailer as you drive free around the world or try to conquer one of over 55 parking levels.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)

24. Space 4D

Space 4D+Travel through the solar system with the Space 4D flash cards app. This augmented reality app partners with a set of flash cards and lets you see 4D versions of space, the planets, stars, comets, satellites and space missions. This is a fun way to learn more about outer space in a more hands on exploration through your smart device.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)

25. Layar

Layar - Augmented RealityIf you want a deeper look into the world around you then the Layar augmented reality app is for you. Open the app when you are out and about to see pop ups of local restaurants and real estate. You can also scan magazines to see more indepth digital content or advertisements. When the app has a tag in various print media you will be able to open, scan and purchase items via a direct shopping link.

Available for: Android and iOS (Age Group: Teens & Adults)