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10 Best 3D Building Games for Kids: Apps and Games like Minecraft

10 Best 3D Building Games for Kids: Apps and Games like Minecraft

Build a fort! A treehouse! A fort on top of a treehouse surrounded by a moat filled with molten lava! Kids are endlessly fascinated by what we adults considered mundane and their imagination truly knows no limits.

Children are the best builders in the world and can use any material in order to create the most vivid worlds. And now, there are building games for kids so they can hone their building skills in a virtual world.

3D building game apps are a great outlet for kids who enjoy doing solitary, creative work and then wish to test their concepts in practice. Unlike a shooting or a racing game, building rewards patience, planning and thinking ahead.

Kids can use an iPad or Android device, and build cool things by simply touching the screen with their fingers. Through a building game, a child gains confidence, achieves a sense of accomplishment and develops in itself a sense of pride through the development and application of its own ideas, plans and thoughts.

If you’re looking for games like Minecraft, here are 10 building games for kids that are quite similar, yet unique in their own way.

Building Games for Kids (Games like Minecraft)

1. Block Craft 3D

Block Craft 3D

Block Craft is a 3D city building app that lets kids create everything from planes to furniture. A safe world with no monsters, the app lets you explore other worlds and help others to build their creations. Kids can also sell their creations and earn rewards. One of the most popular free 3D building games for kids of 2017.

Available for: Android and iOS

2. Lego Creator Island

LEGO Creator Islands

From the company who started the building game revolution, Lego now have an exciting app for creative kids. Kids can build houses and vehicles, like trucks and boats, and unlock new islands. Monkeys, rabbits and cats all inhabit the islands, and new blocks can be earned to create bigger and better buildings. Parents don’t need to worry about extra costs as there are no in app purchases in this 3D Lego building game.

Available for: Android and iOS

3. Toca Builders

Toca Builders

For younger players who might not enjoy scary monsters and mobs, Toca Builders is an excellent choice for a 3D building game. Kids control six cute builders; Blox, Cooper, Vex, Stretch, Connie and Jum-Jum. Each of these have a different role to play in the game like painting, building, and moving. A good alternative to Minecraft for 5 to 11 year olds.

Available for: Android and iOS

4. Blocksworld


Blocksworld is another free 3D building game that unleashes creativity in kids of all ages. The building game uses drag and drop controls to build, and kids can share and sell creations with other builders around the world. From space adventures, to city building and military operations, the options are limitless in this building app.

Available for: iOS

5. Blox 3D

Blox 3D Junior

With a range of different 3D building apps for all ages, Blox 3D is worth a look. Kids can create cool objects and add them to a 3D world using simple controls. Animated creatures like sheep and tigers can also be added, who interact with one another. Blox 3D Junior is particularly suitable for very young kids looking to safely play a building game through a smartphone.

Available for: Android and iOS

6. Minecraft: Pocket Edition 

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

There are so many games like Minecraft because the original has taken the world by storm. The pocket edition lets you build worlds, craft armour, and fight off mobs and beasts all from your smartphone or tablet. One of the best 3D building games for kids around, Minecraft in app form brings creative thinking and problem solving to kids.

Available for: Android and iOS

7. Block Story

blockstory premium

For kids looking for 3d building games like Minecraft, Block Story is a great option. This role playing app is full of exciting quests where you can battle monsters, conquer lands, mine resources, and craft weapons and artefacts. With awesome graphics and a high number of mobs to tussle with, Block Story is a worthy advisory to Minecraft.

Available for: Android and iOS

8. Blockheads


Free 3D building games let you dip your toe into the building app space. Blockheads is one of the more popular free apps that mixes 2D building with platform gaming. With very similar tools as Minecraft such as building, crafting and keeping your blockhead alive, this is a good option for new builders.

Available for: Android and iOS

9. Cyberchase 3D Builder

Cyberchase 3D Builder

Get kids minds active with the Cyberchase 3D builder app. The game is set up in 2D and kids have to rebuild a town into 3D over 8 levels. Players earn stars by completing each level in a fast time, and two friendly characters Buzz and Delete make the game play fun and exciting.

Available for: Android and iOS

10. Growtopia


Build a 3D world using Growtopia by planting trees, splicing seeds and building castles, homes and artwork. The game lets you chat and trade with other builders all over the world. With mini-games and puzzles that kids can create themselves, Growtopia is an option for older kids looking to build and chat with others.

Available for: Android and iOS