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10 Best Board Games for Teens – Games that Capture Their Attention

10 Best Board Games for Teens – Games that Capture Their Attention

When you think board games for older kids, there is a pause because it is not a highly advertised market. However, there are plenty of enticing board games for teens out there that will have them coming back to play over and over.

Games that are made for teens and older tend to play longer, most at least an hour or more. These games are also filled with strategy and a world building element. There are more card playing versions for individuals that prefer cards and other games that are more standard board game setup.

The variety from fantasy games to more down to earth based games, offer a world that can appeal to any preference.

Check out some of these 10 thrilling board games for teens and make time to play!

1. Terraforming Mars

The dream of humans colonizing Mars becomes a reality in this indie board game. Players take on the role of corporations and work together to terraform the red planet. The actual game board is an accurate map of Mars and the cards represent different corporations and projects. Players work together to build cities where humanity can flourish while competing for victory points.

2. Hearing Things Game

Just new out, Hearing Things is a lip reading challenge game that involves wearing special headphones. Players take turns wearing the noise cancelling headphones and have to guess what the other player is saying, as they read the phrases on the cards. A great teen board game that is sure to get lots of laughs.

3. Pandemic

Work together to cure the four epidemics that are sweeping the world at an alarming rate. Each player in Pandemic assumes a role of the CDC and begins the game. You will take turns and work together to cure each of the four diseases before another epidemic breaks out and spreads them faster. The game is over when you are able to cure all the diseases or if you fail and run out of epidemic cubes. Purchase pandemic expansion packs to enhance your gameplay and add new levels.

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4. Codenames

Unleash your inner spy with the Codenames game. Split into two teams and select a spy master. The spymaster will give you clues to help you guess to figure out who the spy they need to contact is. This game boosts word association and helps you learn to think strategically to give clues to your team without giving away answers to the rival team.

5. The Resistance (The Dystopian Universe)

Another great indie board game, The Resistance is a game of social deduction. You have to figure out who is lying and be able to lie yourself. Trying to bring the government down, a group of resistance fighters must complete a series of missions against all odds. But there are spies around, so you must be careful and always be aware there are players trying to sabotage the cause. Great for a large group of 5-10 players.

6. Escape the Room Stargazer’s Manor Board Game

Solving mysteries in an old haunted house will have teens wanting more with the Escape the Room Stargazer’s Manor Board Game. A group of 3-6 players must work together to solve puzzles and find hidden clues at the house. The story is based around an astronomer and his wife and the strange happening going on. This is a fun board game for teenagers that like solving mysteries.

7. Potion Explosion Board Game

The Potion Explosion Board Game is a strategic board game like no other. Using colored marbles, players brew potions and match up the required ingredients. The marbles come out of a cool dispenser and players aim to score points and create explosions. The game takes between 30-60 mins to complete and you need 2-4 players.

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8. Ticket to Ride

This fun for all ages game encourages you to take a trip around the United States as you build you train route to win. In Ticket to Ride, each player gets a set of train cars and is then dealt cards for destinations. You win points every time you are able to lay tracks, and bonus points for winding your train through to your destination cards. The player with the most points wins this fun and strategic game.

9. 7-Wonders

This world building game is played in three ages. To play 7-Wonders, each player is dealt a stack of cards. You then choose a card from the deck, place it face down and pass the cards to your neighbor. They will pass their deck to you and you choose another card. This continues for three rounds. You then use the cards to built structures for points. The person with the most points through all three ages is the winner.

10. Splendor

Build your own jewels and entice visits from nobles in this renaissance board game for teens. To play, each person is dealt a hand of cards and basic gems. As the game play on, you will upgrade your gems to build jewelry and rare items to sell in your shopfront. Win Splendor by making the most money from selling to higher ranked officials and royalty. This game has great re-playablity and is great for beginners or advanced game players.

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