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10 Best Coding Books for Kids

10 Best Coding Books for Kids

When we think about coding, books aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. Doesn’t learning about coding have to happen on a computer?

Not with new, exciting, and educational coding books for kids.

These coding books introduce kids to what coding is, and are a fun way to spark an interest in web design, game making, and programming. Some of the books are ‘how to’ manuals, while others can be used with a computer as interactive workbooks. Younger kid-friendly “lift the flap” books, encourage little hands to explore and learn.

Although kids can search for “how-to” guides online, presenting information in a book can help kids improve their literacy skills, and gives them an easy reference without having to search through the web. For younger kids, “lift the flap books” make understanding the concepts behind coding more interactive and exciting than on a screen.

Encouraging tech-savvy kids to read books can be a challenge. But, by combining their love of technology with colorful and well-designed books, coding books for kids can get them turning pages and writing code in no time.

Here is a run down of 10 of the coolest coding books for young coders.

1. Coding Games in Scratch

Based around the computer coding language of Scratch, this book uses fun graphics and step-by-step instructions to teach kids how to create their own computer games. With Coding Games in Scratch, kids can build single or multiplayer platform games, create puzzles, race through mazes, and add animation. All they need is this book, a desktop or laptop, Scratch and Adobe software.

2. How to Code: A Step By Step Guide to Computer Coding

Learn how to create a website with this bright and easy step-by-step book. With How to Code, kids will learn all the basic ways to code a website and understand all technical terms used like loops, variables and selection. With this guide, kids will be able to experiment with HTML, build games in Scratch, program projects in Python and make interactive webpages with JavaScript. The programmes used are freely available on the net making building websites simple and easy.

3. CoderDojo: Building a Website: Create with Code

The CoderDojo community has been a massive success, and Building a Website: Create with Code is the perfect starting point for kids who want to learn more about coding websites. Written by CoderDojo experts, the book has step-by-step instructions to start and build your own website using simple coding. With practical tips on CSS, HTML and Javascript, and colorful bright images, this book is full of useful information. Geared towards 8 years and upwards, this coding book for kids is a good option to start off their coding adventure.

4. How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons

Simple coding books for kids are often the best. How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons teaches kids simple coding instructions using Scratch software. It helps them learn how to create their own computer game or design a website. This book is broken down into the 10 “Super Skills” that will teach your child the basics. Then it goes into specific detail for each element they need to learn.

5. A Beginners Guide to Coding

Get into Scratch and Python with A Beginners Guide to Coding. Written by Marc Scott, the Head of Curriculum Development for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the book has gorgeous colorful pictures and an easy reading narrative. Kids can follow step by step projects that will have them creating their own chat-bot or computer game in no time.

6. Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World

Be a “girl who codes” with one of the ultimate coding books for kids. Girls Who Code not only teaches basic computing and coding, but also includes real life stories of famous STEM women. With more and more women getting into tech, this book will encourage young girls to get involved, aim high, and make the world a better place. The artwork is bright and colorful, and the text is nicely put together in kid-friendly language.

7. Coding, Bugs, and Fixes

Learn how to identify and fix problems with the Coding, Bugs and Fixes book. This book is designed to help you learn all about the coding inside computers to see how they work and function. That way you are able to spot and identify any issues or bugs that occur. Once you spot the irregularities, you will be able to fix then and get your computer running smooth again. This book is a great option to get younger minds to find out more about how coding lines work.

8. Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding

No computer necessary with the Hello Ruby Adventures in Coding book. Part picture book and part workbook, this coding book for kids teaches the concept of how to code. It gets kids thinking outside the box, creating patterns, and breaking down big problems into smaller equations for fixing. This would be a great book for any kid struggling with understanding how coding works without going into too much technical detail.

9. Lift the Flap Computers and Coding

Coding books for kids that use “lift the flap” paper inserts, provide an easy way for kids to learn. Mixing reading with fun, the Lift the Flap Computers and Coding book will keep your kid engrossed for hours. This book has lots of flaps for kids to look under to see how computers are built and how they work. Learn about how computers use codes to run basic programs, try out a simple program, and get used to the vocabulary used with computers. This is a great hands on book that will give young kids a good start on computers and coding.

10. Web Design for Kids

This exciting adventure book helps kids better relate to coding terms and programs. In Web Design for Kids, they will meet three characters HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These cheerful characters talk through all of the complicated web design terms in an easy to understand way. Flaps inside the book highlight a word and have the meaning underneath. This is one of the better coding books for younger kids or those starting off computing.

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