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12 Best Lego Technic Sets: Lego for Techies!

12 Best Lego Technic Sets: Lego for Techies!

Since 1934, Lego has been a staple in every kids playroom. From wooden toys, to plastic blocks, Lego has now embraced the tech generation with their Lego Technic sets.

Kids can build, animate, and play popular vehicles and equipment, as well as learning important design and engineering basics. Created with learning in mind, they feature movable and working parts. Some kits will include a motor to power up the vehicle, while other smaller sets don’t include a motor, but are compatible with a powered motor add on kit.

The more complex builds are geared towards older kids, while the easier basic models are a good start for younger builders.

1. Mercedes-Benz Arocs

The Lego Mercedes-Benz Arocs kit lets you build a motorized utility vehicle from the ground up. Challenging Lego Technic kits like this, are loaded with motorized functions and packed full of features. This model also breaks down and rebuilds into a construction truck for even more fun.

2. Bucket Wheel Excavator

The Bucket Wheel Excavator is one the best lego technic sets for more advanced builders. Featuring a variety of motorized functions, the excavator can be rebuilt into a Mobile Aggregate Processing Plant. This cool set will be challenge for anyone!

3. Getaway Racer

Ride in style with the Lego Technic Getaway Racer. This hot rod design features pull back technology to get it running. Simply pull the car backwards to wind the wheel mechanism, let go and watch it race away. This fun build gives you a chance to have some hands on fun with creating a more complex design that has movement capabilities. With huge vertical exhaust pipes, extra wide rims, low profile tires, and a heavy duty front bumper, kids will have hours of fun building and playing with this lego set.

4. Heavy Lift Helicopter

Air lift to the rescue with the Heavy Lift Helicopter. Build the standard helicopter with motorized propeller and opening cargo door. Then take it apart and build the dual rotor version with sliding cargo door and motorized cargo winch. The bright orange, white and gray color scheme are eye catching, and make this rescue helicopter easy to be spotted. This set includes a motor and a battery to make all the working parts move.

5. Arctic Truck

A little snow and ice is no match for the Arctic Truck. This exciting two-in-one allows you to build an Arctic creeper truck and then take it apart to rebuild the tracked pickup truck. The finished build features an independent suspension mechanism, a work crane arm with a winch, hook up, cargo, four large crawler tracks and working front steering. You can upgrade to the Power functions set to motorize the headlights, crane and tipping cargo bed.

6. Drag Racer

Pass everyone in style with this Drag Racer model from Lego Technic. The drag racer car features a stunning blue and black design with flame stickers added. This kit has a detailed V8 engine with moving pistons, working steering, large rear tires, a huge rear spoiler and large exhaust pipes. You can raise up the body shell to see detailed exhaust pipes and working transmission. This two in one design allows you to build a second drag race car that has a needle body.

7. Fire Plane

Put out the fire in style with the Fire Plane. It features a sharp looking red and white airplane. The working parts include a spinning propeller, moving pistons, joystick controlled elevators and it has water pieces to drop as it flies by. When you are done with the plane, take it apart and rebuild the Jet Engine Fire Plane version. The fun is endless with this kit.

8. Twin-Rotor Helicopter

Take to the sky with the Twin-Rotor Helicopter. This kit features a dual rotor spinning helicopter that can be rebuilt into a single rotor version as well. The helicopter has linked spinning rotors that can be manually spun, a turning front wheel, opening cargo door and a rescue theme design and color. The dual rotors are connected by gear wheels so that they spin together to avoid overlapping.

9. Crawler Crane

The Crawler Crane is a mega set from Lego Technics. This crane features a motorized body that has a working winch that can lift small objects. It also has an opening claw, a tilting cab, an extendable boom, extensive cabling and a realistic exhaust pip and ventilation grid. The two in one model rebuilds into a mobile tower crane. This steel blue crane is a must have for all Lego Technic fans who enjoy a challenge.

10. Stunt Truck

Pull it back and let the fun begin. The Lego Technic Stunt Truck set is a colorful heavy duty racer. This truck features a powerful pull back motor, a sturdy front bumper for crashes and bumps, wide blue rims and low profile tires. The special Technic 40th anniversary brick is included in this model, making it a must have for collectors. This truck also comes with a stunt ramp for seeing how much air you can get.

11. Police Interceptor

Catch the bad guys with this supercharged Police Interceptor from Lego Technics. This SUV styled police vehicle features a powerful motor, extra-extra large and wide rims, red and blue police warning beacons, and a heavy duty bull bar. The cruiser has an eye catching green, white and black color scheme to let the bad guys know it’s coming. Pair this set with the Getaway Racer to let the high speed chase begin, or to create a hybrid Police Racer.

12. BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

The best Lego Technic sets for kids are loaded with fun, so take off with the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. The bike features black spoke wheels, all terrain tires, windshield, detailed dashboard, exhaust, working steering, stabilizing tele-lever front suspension and read suspension. This two in one model rebuilds into a futuristic concept model hover bike that was created with BMW designers.

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