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15 Best Build Your Own Robot Kits for Kids

15 Best Build Your Own Robot Kits for Kids

Robotics is an area that covers a wide range of subjects, giving children hands on experience in learning math, engineering and creative design. These robot kits let you build your own robot from the ground up, and discover how moving parts fit together.

Robot building kits are educational and they help develop patience, imagination and problem solving skills. Being able to build robotic toys is a past time that kids enjoy and it combines the offline and online world of apps.

Most robots are controlled by smart devices and some are even programmable. The process of building and finally seeing how your creation moves, is what drives the excitement. Kids get a great sense of achievement when they complete a robotics project and see it come to life.

Robots have been around for a long time and even parents enjoy building them. So why is robotics for kids such a hot topic?

Robots are undeniably the most impressive toys around that have that ‘WOW’ factor. They combine everything from building skills to teaching kids code, and even teachers love them for STEM learning. A cool gift or a family project, you can’t go wrong with robot kits for kids.

1. JIMU Robot Competitive Series: ChampBot Kit

UBTECH Robotics have released two new robot building kits for kids. You can build a robot dragon with the Firebot Kit or cool sports-themed vehicle robots. Designed for kids aged 8 and up, the app-driven robots help children to understand coding while building their own special creations.

2. littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Just newly released, the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit from littleBits is one of the ultimate robot building kits. Build your own R2D2 and drive him with your smartphone, or move him with the ‘Force’ of your hand. Although it’s designed for kids 8 years and up, this could be a cool gift for any Star Wars fan. It is the Droid you have been looking for with 20 sound effects, missions and an expandable electronics kit.

3. Lego Boost

Decide, build and code with the Lego Boost robotics for kids set. This kit allows you to pick one of five robots to create and bring to life. You can build a robot, a cat, a vehicle, a 3D printer or a music playing guitar. The lego app will allow you to bring your creations to life with coding. Program your robot to interact and do tricks. When you have mastered all five creations, build something unique and code it again.

4. Mecanno M.A.X

Meet M.A.X, the new robot sidekick from Mecanno. This curious robot can guard bedrooms, tell jokes, play games and sing songs. Parents and kids will have fun building this little guy and programming him to do all sorts of things when constructed. At 12 inches tall, M.A.X has infrared sensors so he can move around obstacles on his wheels. What’s unique is that his face is like a digital display, so he can blink his eyes and change his expressions. Some of the games you can play with M.A.X are Robo Tennis (Pong for those of you who remember that) and ‘Are You Smarter Than a Robot?’.

5. Mecanno MeccaSpider

The new MeccaSpider from Meccano is a cool red and black kid friendly arachnoid. Designed for over 10 year olds, once built there are various fun ways to play with him. The MeccaSpider can squirt venom (which is just water), and kids can play venom roulette. Sitting in a circle, the first person to move gets sprayed! Controlled with an app, this pet spider has infrared sensors to track and follow friends or foes.

6. Geckobot

The Geckobot is a great robotics learning toy for new to building kids. The pieces easily snap together to form the Gecko robot. Kids can learn about how his moving parts make him walk and move like the real animal. Gecko can walk up glass surfaces with his suction cup feet. You can also take him apart and build six other toy robots.

7. 4M Tin Can Robot

Build your own robot from a tin can with the 4M Tin Can Robot. You don’t actually get a tin can with the kit, you have to recycle one yourself and use the available  robot parts to build your creation. Once built, your little robot guy will move around the room and you’ll have a great sense of satisfaction, so keep that next soda can somewhere safe.

8. OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

Building a robot that doesn’t require batteries is what the OWI solar powered robot is all about. There are 14 different ways to make this robot from a walking crab to a wagging dog. Bare in mind that he only moves in direct sunlight, so that may be an issue depending on where your kids will be playing with him. The solar robot is a great learning tool to teach kids about renewable energy sources and engineering.

9. Meccano Micronoid

Build and dance with your new Micronoid robot best friend. Once built, this robot will respond by simple button programming. He can answer yes or no questions, he will dance whenever he hears a beat and when in autonomous mode he will wander on his own, sometimes giggling or passing gas.

10. Elegoo Smart Robot Car Kit

Elegoo is a smart car robot kit that gives kids hands on experience with an arduino building kit. Complete with a store away box, the kit comes with 24 different kinds of module parts such as line tracing and obstacle avoidance, giving you creative control over your robot. The perfect sized packaged for a gift, this robot kit will keep kids busy, building and learning!

11. ZOOB Builder

Let your creativity take the wheel with the ZOOB Bot Builder. This exciting kit comes with forty-nine unique ZOOB pieces that allow you to create various shapes and allow joint movement. Each piece has a round connector and some have a middle round connector space, you can connect each piece together with grey balls that allow rotation. Included are instructions to build four rolling ZOOB Bots and multiple other bot creation designs. This robot has light up action and a pull back rolling motor for going places.

12. Makeblock mBot

The Makeblock mBot is designed for STEM education and teaches kids how to build a robot and program it to move. Using a visual programming language based on the drag and drop Scratch program from M.I.T, kids and students will enjoy learning how to put this little robot together. Kids can learn about electronics and robots at the same time!

13. 4M Doodling Robot

Kids love doodling, so what’s better than building a robot that does just that! The 4M Doodling Robot teaches kids about robotics and following instructions to build something. Once completed attach the markers and watch as the robot spins and moves to make fun designs. Designed for kids age 9 and up.

14. OWI Robotic Arm Edge

Build and create your own OWI robotic arm with this extensive robot building kit. There is no soldering required. This kit comes with over two hundred pieces that allow you to build the robot, add in the control power, fit the motor and run the cable through him. Included is a remote control to operate the robotic arm. This kit is geared towards older kids, since it is mainly focused on learning how to build and put together the robot, versus short build and long play time robots.

15. KNEX Beasts Alive Robo-Smash Building Set

Another amazing robot kit is the KNEX Beasts Alive Robo-Smash Building Set, which comes with 156 K’NEX pieces together with a battery powered motor. Kids will have great fun building this robotic beast which is part of the K’NEX Beast Alive range.


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