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12 Best Coding Games For Kids: Board Games & Tablets!

12 Best Coding Games For Kids: Board Games & Tablets!

Are you looking for coding games for kids that are educational, fun and really engaging? Sometimes the easiest way to teach kids something is through a game, with friends and family.

Thinking logically, being creative, mastering computing, problem solving… we’ve all heard about the great things that kids should be learning. But, where’s the fun in thousands of lines of jumbled numbers and letters?

We often think of coding as a geeky, solitary activity, but with programming games, the learning becomes a multiplayer experience. Parents, friends and siblings can all take part.

Coding doesn’t have to be hard and boring, it can be fun if taught in the right way. You’ll be surprised by the range of cool ways that coding games are being used to teach the basic concepts of programming and logical thinking.

Card games, board games, robots and tablet games are all being used to get children thinking about coding in a lively and exciting way. These games teach logic, syntax, problem solving and help develop a sense of what programming is and how computers work.

Impressive and just good fun, here is a list of the best coding board games for kids.

1. Osmo Coding Games

Inspired by over 50 years of research into computer programming education, Osmo coding is one of the easiest ways to introduce your kids or students to the world of programming. These coding games from Osmo, make programming a creative, inspiring and fun process. The latest in the Osmo range is the Coding Jam add-on and Coding Awbie, where you use coding blocks to design your movements. You’ll need a starter Osmo kit to use the add-ons and there are lots of educational games to access with that kit.

2. Bloxels

Bloxels is a physical game kit where kids design their own game maze and characters using colored pegs. Using an app, you take a photo of the pegboard creation and it becomes a real game that is later customized. Kids can also visit other people’s created worlds or look to them for some inspiration. The original or new Star Wars edition are great fun for little game makers.

3. Coder Bunnyz & CoderMindz

Coder Bunnyz & CoderMindz are two new coding board games from kid entrepreneur Samaira. She invented CoderBunnyz at the age of seven and her latest game teaches kids about artificial intelligence, introducing concepts such as image recognition, back-propagation, and adaptive learning. Other programming concepts such as functions and loops are explored with the games.

4. ThinkFun Coding Games

– Potato Pirates

Potato Pirates is a coding card game for kids that helps develop their critical thinking skills, and learn basic programming concepts.

– Robot Turtles Game

If your kids or students are a huge fan of board games, they will be excited to explore the world of programming with the Robot Turtles Game. This cool board game has the honour of being the most-backed board game in Kickstarter history. From preschoolers to teens, this unusual board game will inspire little programmers eager to learn more about coding. You can also download additional materials such as an e-book or coloring pages on their official website.

– Code: On The Brink

CODE: On The Brink is a step up from the kind of programming concepts in the successful Robots Turtles game. Kids have to use their problem-solving skills to get their robot form A to B, using the map of colored squares and pre-programmed moves.

– Code Master Programming Logic Game

Here is another successful board game focused on programming. Made for a single player, the Code Master Programming Logic Game has 10 maps with 60 levels and is suitable for both kids and adults of all ages. Along with learning how the coding process works, kids will build planning, sequential reasoning, and problem-solving skills that will definitely help them in the future.

5. Galt Toys Cosmic Coding

Galt toys are a recognized brand that has added coding board games to their suite of educational toys. Players collect stars by flying their rockets around space and learn the basic concepts of Computer Science. Designed for kids age 6 years and over the game compatible with key stage 1 of the U.K national curriculum.

6. CodingFarmers

CodingFarmers is a board game that introduces kids to the concept of Java programming. Through board game play and action cards, kids move around their player, using simple commands. The game was designed by Nikhil and Anika Cheerla, a team from the non-profit,

7. Future Coders Robot Races by ALEX Toys

Robot Races is a fun introduction to coding from Alex Toys. Kids pretend to be robots and have to move around the board placing tiles with arrows that tell them where to go. This teaches them about sequencing and coding logic as they solve each challenge.

8. ROBOT WARS Coding Strategy Game

Robot Wars is a board game that teaches the basics of java programming through simple cards and commands. Kids will learn conditions and syntax such as Sequential Logic, Conditional Logic, If-Else Syntax, While Loop Syntax and many others. The aim of the game is to be the first to reach the winning zone and eliminate the other robots. A fun game for families to play together while kids unknowingly learn at the same time.

9. Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse

This bright activity set will entertain kids for days while introducing them to science, technology, engineering, and math. The Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set includes a colorful maze and a mouse you can program with easy-to-use controls. Make a unique maze and let your mouse follow it in order to find a hidden cheese.

10. Cubetto

Cubetto is a cross between a robot and a wooden game. This coding toy comes with color coded pieces that fit onto a block. Each color represents a directional movement that when placed in order, Cubetto will follow. It’s a very easy way to teach young children the basics of sequencing using toy blocks that preschoolers are familiar with.

11. Littlecodr

Littlecodr is another Kickstarter backed card game to help explore the concept of coding. The idea is that you lay out a sequence of cards that represent directions for a person to follow. For example, forward, back, left, or turn right. Once kids get the hang of the game, there are endless possibilities for making up new paths and ways to learn.

12. Bitsbox

Get your kids eager for the mail when you order a subscription for Bitsbox. This all in one monthly coding kit is sent to your home and includes a full themed kit for kids to play with. You are able to check online to see what the newest coding box theme is. There are a few options to choose from, a digital subscription that is emailed monthly, a basic Bitsbox or the deluxe Bitsbox that comes jam-packed with more stuff for kids to do.

13. Bits & Bytes Card Game

Bits & BytesChildren love playing card games, so why not try and teach them problem solving and coding logic while they have fun. That’s the idea behind the new Bits & Bytes Coding Card Game. The cards have colorful cute characters with names like, data, perl, byte, bit and bug. Kids have to help their characters to get home, by creating programs, which are directional instructions. They will come upon challenges along the way, but it’s all a learning journey. The company is UK based, but ships anywhere in the world.

Resource: If you’re interested in more coding applications and coding courses for kids, check out CodeMonkey.

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