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20 Best Toys & Gifts for 5, 6 & 7 Year Olds (Tech & Stem)

20 Best Toys & Gifts for 5, 6 & 7 Year Olds (Tech & Stem)

Every year a new selection of toys hits the market, with many of the newest additions being sought after by girls and boys who want the latest fun gadgets to play with.

However, while there are many fantastic ‘must have’ toys, there are just as many that are definitely not built to last, with trends coming and going very quickly in the world of toys.

Luckily, the coolest new toys in our selection will not only keep your children entertained, but the majority will hold just as much appeal as gifts for 5 year old boys, as they would as the ideal gifts for 7 year old girls.

From the kind of toy designed to bring everyone in the family together, to those that encourage individual learning. Our top list of the 20 best toys & gifts for 5, 6 & 7 year olds, is a great place to start if you’re looking for a gift with the WOW factor this year.

Best Gifts Ideas for 5, 6 & 7 Year Olds 2017

1. FurReal Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger

FurReal toys have proven to be a massive hit with children, with the FurReal Roarin’ Tyler being a much-wanted toy. The large interactive tiger has more than 100 different sounds and movements and will interact with children as they play. It’s a cuddly companion that provides endless hours of enjoyment, especially for kids after a pet of their own.

2. Pixlplay Camera

The Pixlplay Camera offers a different solution to looking for a new camera to keep young photographers happy. You can turn your Smartphone into the perfect child-friendly camera. The rubber surround will fit most phones snuggly, and makes capturing pictures incredibly easy for small hands. A perfect gift for young kids or toddlers that love taking pics on your phone.

3. Dance Code featuring Disney Princess Belle

Any child that has a passion for all things Disney Princess, will absolutely adore the Dance Code Featuring Disney Princess Belle. One of the coolest tech dolls on the market, this stunning doll with more than 100 phrases, is designed to teach children how to properly choregraph dances, with the ability to create unique routines to the 7 pre-programmed songs. A fun educational gift for 5 year old girls or older.

4. Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

There are many tablets aimed at kids on the market, but the Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet comes with plenty of extra features. Kids won’t think they are missing out by not playing with a tablet designed for adults. With a protective case and the ability to set-up controls to monitor your child’s use, the tablet is perfect for tech-loving younger children.

5. WowWee Fingerlings

A craze that many children can’t get enough of, WowWee Fingerlings are adorable interactive pets that will fit snuggly around a child’s finger. The tiny monkeys come in multiple colours, and have a number of pre-programmed movements and sounds that react to your child’s voice and motions. From swinging on fingertips, to needing to be rocked to sleep, these cute little Fingerlings offer hours of fun and excitement.

6. Orbo Smartwatch

There are many great learning toys amongst the latest tech gadgets, with the Orbo Smartwatch being the perfect gadget for kids learning to tell time. Using an interactive touch screen, kids can play games, take their own pictures, and make small videos. The watch can also be used to answer phone calls, so you can easily contact your child without them needing their own phone.

7. WowWee Magnaflex Rainbow Set

Another sought-after gift from WowWee, the Rainbow set is a unique kind of construction game that uses flexible pieces that can be bent into multiple different shapes. Create anything you can imagine. From animals, to balls, and fun little games, the limits of this colourful building kit are endless, with plenty of parts to make each design unique.

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8. LilGadgets Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Designed solely for the children’s market with fun colourful designs, these wonderful LilGadgets headphones provide a high-quality sound through wireless Bluetooth. This eliminates the common problem of tangled wires. Fitted with soft cushioning, and easily adjustable, the headphones are ideal for long trips when children are engrossed in their own movies or games. The headphones also have the standard child-friendly volume limits to protect hearing.

9. Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot

For the perfect gifts for 6 year old boys, it’s difficult to go wrong by picking a superhero theme. The Imaginext Batbot by Fisher-Price is a popular toy for Batman fans. The large well-designed robot comes with a mini Batman figurine, and is fully controllable as it transforms between robot and tank, shoots small disks, and lights up.

10. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

The Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar is an educational toy that can help your child understand the first steps of basic coding. Using sound, lights, and movement, the Code-a-pillar’s different sections will show kids how changing the design of toy can make it do different things. A great simple introduction to the new language of sequencing for 5 year old boys and girls. See coding caterpillar review.

11. GoldieBlox Craft-Struction Box

A top pick amongst gifts for 5 and 6 year old girls, this GoldieBlox Craft-Struction Box comes with plenty of building pieces for kids to craft their own designs. Promoting STEM learning, the little axles and wheels in the kit are easy and fun to put together, but provide a nice challenge when it comes to designing different little moving toys.

12. Hape Quadrilla

Ideal for all younger children who love playing with their own creations, Hape Quadrilla is a wonderful wooden marble run with exciting twists and drops that children can help to construct. The design of the toy promotes problem-solving, STEM development, and spatial abilities, as well as being an incredibly fun and enjoyable toy for both children and parents to play together.

13. Hug Time Poppy

Hug Time Poppy by DreamWorks is a fun interactive toy, themed off the popular 2016 Trolls movie. Children who enjoyed the movie will be able to recognise many of the 25 different phrases that the doll speaks, as well as enjoy one of their favourite songs from the movie. The included bracelet links with the dolls’, and will light up as children interact with the doll.

14. Magformers

There are very few shapes that children can’t build with the new colourful building set from Magformers. The standard set comes with 30 different shapes that can combine together to make large 3D structures, and then be easily dissembled to make a new creative design. The magnetic pieces are fun and easy to use, helping children to get creative and use their imagination.

15. Teddy Ruxpin

The original Teddy Ruxpin hit the shelves as a best-selling toy back in the 1980’s, and this year it is making a very big comeback, fully equipped with enough tech to ensure it becomes any kid’s new best friend. The bear is very lovable, engaging kids with more than 40 animations, and a selection of fun stories and songs. The matching app adds another element to the adorable bear, with kids able to read along to their favourite stories

16. Qixels Design Creator

For kids with a creative mind, the Qixels Design Creator is a fantastic toy to help them think outside of the box and truly test the limits of their imagination. Each kit comes with a design tray, which children use to arrange the little coloured Qixels that come with the kit. With a quick spray of water, the design will come away from the tray and be ready to play with.

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17. Robot Turtles Game

If you’re looking for a gift that everyone in the family can play together, the Robot Turtles Game is the ideal present. The board game is incredibly colourful, with beautiful drawings, but also focuses on the development of younger children’s programming skills. Up to 5 people can play at once, with the game tailored to suit any child older than 4.

18. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

Inside every young child is an avid explorer just waiting to be let loose, and with the new GeoSafari Jr, Kidnoculars, that adventurous nature can be unleashed. A colourful set of binoculars, designed exclusively for comfortable use by children, the Kidnoculars are a STEM learning toy that are strong enough to last many trips outside as children start learning about natural science.

19. Hanazuki Moodgleam Wearable

At 5, 6 and 7 years old, it is often some of the simplest gifts that evoke the most excitement, and the Hanzuki Moodgleam Wearable is one of the most exciting gifts for 6 year old girls on the market. The set includes a fashionable light-up bracelet with clips on, to fit the various coloured treasures that come with the toy, ideal for children who love jewellery.

20. Puzzlets

One of the best STEM development games on the market, Puzzlets helps children to understand programming, with little puzzle pieces that control the movements of the characters in the game. The game links up with either a smartphone or tablet device, where children can interact with the colourful puzzle pieces, planning each move whilst also learning the beginner concepts of programming.

Choosing Gifts for 5, 6 & 7 Year olds

5 year olds

At 5 years old, many children are either just starting school, or only just getting used to the idea of going to school every day and learning new things. At such a young age, combining each gift with the opportunity for children to gain the much-needed confidence they require to express their individuality and stay imaginative, is very important. Creative toys are perfect for 5 year olds, especially those where they can design their own play around the toys. Pretend play is a big part of a 5 year olds development, with colourful toys that can be interacted with, often being a winning gift.

6 year olds

When buying a gift for 6 year olds, there is a much wider variety of gifts to choose from that are aimed at more advanced learning and development. At around 6 years old, more complicated puzzles, and games with longer instructions can be a fantastic gift option, putting a child’s newly developed skills to the test with fun games and activities. Building games, and DIY kits will captivate the attention of most 6 years old girls or boys, giving them a creative output to express their imagination with results that they can share with their family and friends at school.

7 year olds

It is likely that many of the latest trends will play a big role in any 7 year olds gift wish list, with gifts for 7 year old boys and girls often including collectables and kits that they can create and share with their friends. Opting for interactive creative kits, where multiple toys, activities, and games are included, will help 7 year olds to engage in the task at hand, creating something more complex, that they can be really proud of. Advanced building toys, and kits with a large number of building components make for great gifts, where children can create their own designs, rather than just following the guides.

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