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20 Cool Tech Gifts for Teenagers – Boys and Girls 2018

20 Cool Tech Gifts for Teenagers – Boys and Girls 2018

Gifts for teenage boys or girls can be hard to figure out, with so many cool tech toys on the market, which are the best of the bunch?

Look no further! Whether they are into robots, playing with drones, exploring virtual worlds, or are just in need of a simpler gift like a smart watch, we have some great tech gifts for teenagers.

Give the gift of education with build-your-own toys that get teens building robots and other cool toys. This adds to their STEM skills that can transfer over to the classroom as they learn.

Some of the best gifts for teenagers can be musical. Whether learning how to play an instrument, mixing sounds on a turntable, or making their own sounds on a computer program, music can bring a lifetime of happiness and creativity.

Teens love tech, and everything from smartwatches to virtual reality headsets are on the list. Old gift favorites like Lego and Star Wars are not missed out, so there is something for every teenage boy or teenage girl!

1. Hearing Things Game

Hearing Things is a great take on the classic guessing games, with teens using a set of headphones that cancel out noise, while trying to guess what their friends are saying from the selection of game cards. An exciting tech game for all the family or for teens to play with friends.

2. When in Rome

If you’ve got an Alexa at home, When in Rome is a trivia game that connects to it. Alexa becomes your game host and asks players a variety of questions about different parts of the world. The game is entertaining as Alexa has many voices and adds a touch of humor to the experience. A fun gift for Alexa fans.

3. Selfie Light Ring

Sometimes simple presents turn out to be the best. The Selfie Light Ring clips on to your phone and provides extra light to take that perfect selfie. There are three brightness settings with a built-in rechargeable battery. If you’ve got a teen that likes vlogging or taking selfies in general, this is a very practical tech present.

4. BOSEbuild Speakers

Let them create their own speaker with the BOSEbuild set. This kit includes everything your teen needs to create their own Bluetooth speaker and then customize it to fit their style. When they build this speaker, your teen is learning how simple components like coil, magnets and paper play into making a speaker come alive. When they have finished, there are interchangeable covers and different colored lights that they can choose from.

5. GameBoy Phone Cover

Retro video gaming is still trending and now you can play games literally on your smartphone cover. This case actually works as a real Gameboy with 99 games to play. Whether it’s a trip down memory lane, a gift for a friend or a teen, it’s certainly something affordable and bound to impress.

6. BOSEbuild Headphones

Headphones are a popular teen gift and building your own is even better. Teens will learn about electronics and the parts that make a headphone work, by following a simple app to put the pieces together. When finished, the headphones feature colored lights and swappable insert designs for added fun.

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7. Air Hogs Supernova

Drones are the ultimate gifts for teen boys and this is a tech gadget with a unique twist. The Air Hogs Supernova is controlled with your hand using simple motion and light sensors. The drone has an outer shell that gets tossed in the air and starts to fly. It can perform 30 moves and you can master super tricks that keep you entertained.

8. Soundmoovz

Create your own music with your body movements when you wear the Soundmoovz bands. These watch like bands connect around your wrists and ankles. When paired with your smart device they will begin to play sounds and music when you move. You can have pop music, techno, ballet or even robot sounds. The bands are very responsive to movement and can be paired with friends to create a full band of music playing. These cool tech gifts for teen girls come in a set of two.

9. Star Wars R2-D2 Droid by Sphero

The R2-D2 by Sphero is the perfect tech gift for teenage guys that love all things Star Wars. This upmarket droid has so many cool features, it’s the gift you’ll want to keep yourself. The droid moves like the real R2-D2 and is controlled by an app. When you watch the Star Wars films with him, he actually reacts. Plus he interacts with other Star Wars App-enabled Droids.

10. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

This cool mini printer syncs up to your phone via bluetooth and lets you print photos instantly. The Polaroid ZIP prints out photos that are 2×3, waterproof, tear proof and that have a peelable adhesive backing. This printer works with zinc paper so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with any ink. It weighs only 6.6 ounces so you can take it with you wherever you go.

11. Sphero BOLT

One of the best gifts for teen boys and girls is the gift of coding. Sphero BOLT is a fun robotic ball that kids program to move and light up, through an app. Top of the hot toy list in 2018, Sphero has a shiny new 8×8 LED Matrix board and you can see all the working electronics inside the ball. It’s a super cool toy to look at and has tons of games to keep players entertained. For teens that love app-controlled toys, there is plenty of fun to be had.

12. UBTECH JIMU Robot Mythical Series: Unicornbot Kit

Unicorns, when did this phase start and when will it end? The UBTECH Unicornbot Kit is going to be a fun educational gift for teen girls. Follow along the app to build your own robotic unicorn and then program her to move around. Blockly is the drag and drop language used for coding, so kids can jump right in to get started.

13. Anki Vector


Vector isn’t an average remote-controlled robot, he’s powered by artificial intelligence and packed with cool tech features. This version comes with a HD camera, so he can take photos through voice command. He can also show you the weather on his digital face screen display and make cute emotions. Vector knows when to charge himself, can avoid obstacles and moves around using his built-in sensors. Cosmo has been a great success and Vector looks to be following in his footsteps.

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14. Feel Flux

Feel like you are bending time with Feel Flux toy. This ultimate tech gift for teenage guys will have them questioning physics as they understand how science can impact gravity. Once the introductory thrill is over, they can purchase the skill set version and learn to do cool gravity defying tricks with this toy to wow their friends and family.

15. Fitbit Versa

Jump into another reality with the Merge VR headset. This super comfy virtual reality headset is made from soft lightweight foam and will fit any face even with glasses on. It is bendable and durable so you can take it on the go with you. It is compatible with Android and IOS phones and allows you to be immersed in scenic areas or play VR compatible games. Also out is the Merge Cube, a physical cube you hold in your hand, but get to experience augmented reality with.

17. 3Doodler Create

Draw in the air with the 3Doodler Create pen. This easy to use 3D pen comes with fifty plastic colorful strands that allow you to create many projects and bring objects to life in 3D. This pen is nontoxic and has a continuous flow while in use. The pen heats the plastic strands which allows you to draw with them, and when they hit the air they begin to instantly harden, so it won’t flow on you as you take your drawings to new heights.

18. Sky Viper v2450FPV Streaming Drone with FPV Goggles

If you are looking at top gifts for teenage boys that will leave their jaws on the floor then check out the Sky Viper. This drone features a pair of first person view goggles so that you can see the sky from your drone’s eyes. It has flight assist features such as auto launch, auto hover and auto landing. Perform tricks like barrel rolls and flips with one touch to impress your friends and family.

19. LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator

Bring your creations to life with the LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator. This two in one model allows you to build an excavator with motorized moving parts, then take it apart to build a Mobile Aggregate Processing Plant model. With the built in motor, this toy will move backwards, forwards, has rotating bucket wheels, moving conveyor belts and a rotating super structure.

20. GoPro HERO Session

Outstanding performance in a smaller and simpler model of the GoPro cameras. The GoPro HERO Session is durable, water resistant and has the ability to adjust and capture with the simple touch of a button. It records video and audio with high quality, and the single button control turns the camera off when you are done recording, in order to save the battery. Any teenage boy would love one of these gadgets as a gift.

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