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littleBits Code Kit with Educator Resources

littleBits Code Kit with Educator Resources

LittleBits has launched a new Code Kit for kids, along with educator resources, that will have students learning while they invent and play. This resource-rich introduction to coding is a fun and ideal way to get kids interested in the coding and inventing world.

This kit is full of activities for kids and resources for teachers.

From humble beginnings to award winning toys, the littleBits company has created a solid foothold in the educational toy world. Creator Ayah Bdeir started littleBits in 2008 as a small project that was meant to help out some designers.

In 2011 she officially launched the company. littleBits offer easy to understand and use circuits that snap together with ease to create fun inventions and games. Each bit is color coded so you can find what you are looking for quickly. Follow the included guides or invent something all your own, the possibilities are endless.

littlebits Code KitThe littleBits Code Kit was made with a panel of educators that helped co-design the material. The included inventions, activities and challenges were created based on their personal experiences with students in a classroom. With thelittleBits Code Kit, you will be able to build and play four game-based inventions such as Tug-of-War, Hot Potato, Ultimate Shootout and Rockstar Guitar. Also included in this kit is sixteen bits that snap together, a rechargeable battery, thirty accessories, the new codeBit and LED matrix.

Students can work together to build each of these games and code them before they play. The littleBits Code Kit app is easy to use and has a simple drag and drop block programming method that is based on Google’s Blocky. Also with the Code Kit app you will be able to watch interactive tutorials that will help you learn and understand the drag and drop programming method.

There are over one hundred activities and lessons that are geared towards grades 3-8. This kit is made to be tied into the Next Generation Science Standards and computer science standards. These standards offer more rich in content and practice to provide students a more benchmarked science education.

Included for teachers is an interactive online guide that will let them import lesson plans directly into google docs. No STEM experience is required for the teachers, in the box is everything you need to understand and teach the basics to your students. There are also quick start guides, video tutorials, a bit index and a classroom poster. These tools will make it easy for students to get started right out of the box.

The littleBits company has created a product that is a must have tool for empowering students to think creatively and critically while they are still having fun in a classroom setting. These bits allow them to question how science and mechanical parts work together to create something that works and moves.

By opening the world of coding to kids, they not only learn how to create games but they also learn how to use coding skills to solve other problems. With coding, you learn to create and solve problems in a line by line process. This breaks down a problem into fragments that can be solved individually to fix it as a whole.

The littleBits Code Kit has everything included that teachers will need to get a jumpstart on STEM learning and get kids in the driver seat for learning to build and code. littleBits has additional invention kits and teacher kits that you can purchase to give students even more activities and inventions to learn.