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9 Best Kids Wireless Headphones

9 Best Kids Wireless Headphones

Tangled wires…very annoying, but there are alternatives. Kids wireless headphones let children dance along to their favourite songs, watch movies and play games, without being tied down to their device.

Kids Bluetooth headphones offer significantly more benefits than their wired counterparts, providing freedom of movement without restriction. They eliminate a problem that many frustrated parents have faced – trying to untangle wires.

Many of the latest toys and games on the market require the use of smartphones or tablets to get the full benefits of the product. Where there is a technology element, there is often plenty of sound to go along with it. Headphones for kids ensure that children can fully engross themselves in their latest project or activity, without disturbing everyone around them.

When it comes to choosing the best headphones for your kids, there are many different factors that come into play, will they last? Are they suitable for school? Do they have a high-quality sound? And importantly, do they pass a kid’s ‘cool’ test?

Headphones come in all shapes, sizes, and sound qualities, and while adult headphones are fantastic, they are often not suitable for children. Kids headphones need to be durable, easily adjustable, designed for smaller heads, and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

From our list of the 10 best kids wireless headphones, you can find over-the-ear headphones that are much more suited to children, providing comfort and a high-quality of sound.

Best Kids Wireless Headphones

1. Riwbox

For a set of kids wireless headphones that will really make your child stand out, the Riwbox LED light-up headphones are perfect. The headphones have a little LED screen on both sides, which changes as the frequency of the music alters. A feature that is sure to delight younger children. The headphones are comfortable, can be used either wired or wireless, and have switches to change songs, and adjust the volume.

2. Puro Sound Labs

The Puro Sound Labs headphones are ideal for any fashion-conscious youngster. The sleek metallic design and choice of a multitude of colors, make them an incredibly appealing headphone for both boys and girls. These kids wireless headphones have a number of fantastic features, so kids can safely immerse themselves in the world of music

3. LilGadgets Untangled Pro

One of the best features of the LilGadgets kids Bluetooth headphones is the built-in shareport. This allows another set of headphones to connect to the LilGadgets’ so audio can be shared. The headphones come in bold vibrant colors that kids will love, and are suitable for any child over 4 years old. An ideal set of headphones for both comfort and practicality, with extra padding and 12 hours of battery life.

4. Artix Headphones

If you need a set of headphones that can be stored practically, the Artix Headphones are an excellent choice. The headphones are lightweight and can be easily folded for ease of storage, or for carrying around. Despite the practical design, the headphones are still comfortable and stylish. Great for kids who want a high-quality sound, without having to carry a large set of headphones.

5. Kidz Gear Bluetooth

One of the more uniquely designed wireless headphones for kids, the Kidz Gear Bluetooth headphones are incredibly stylish, with an eye-catching design that kids will adore. With the inclusion of a boom microphone that can be detached from the headphones, children can use the headphones for reading and language games. There is also the option to turn the headphones into wired headphones with ease, for use on long trips where the battery life may not be enough.

6. Sonixx BTX1 Kids Bluetooth Headphones

Designed for kids, and especially great for children with multiple hobbies, the headphones have a universal compatibility. They can connect to smartphones, tablets, computers, and many game systems with the standard jack, or connect via Bluetooth to compatible devices. The sound is high-quality, with the lightweight design of the headphones ideal for kids on the go. Available in pink or blue, the Sonixx BTX1 Kids Bluetooth headphones are incredibly durable.


The SODEE kids wireless headphones come with volume limiting modes specifically for children, and can be used both as wired and wireless headphones with up to 8 hours of battery life. Plenty of extra features are included, with FM radio connectivity and the ability to make hands-free calls. The chunky and colorful design is well suited to children, and the ability to fast charge for 5 minutes, and listen for up to an hour is ideal.

8. Votones

A high-performance set of headphones with a dynamic sound, the Votones are perfect for children between 4 and 15 years old, offering a microphone and Bluetooth connectivity with multiple devices. The headphones can be folded for easy storage, with the smaller headband allowing the headphones to become very compact. Despite the smaller design, they are comfortable to use and have up to a 6 hour battery life.

9. Old Shark

Old Shark headphones are lightweight and have a very stylish design, great for kids who want a cool set of wireless headphones that are still capable of providing a high-quality sound. One of the most convenient kids Bluetooth headphones on the market, they are foldable, and able to stretch to fit adults and kids comfortably. The headphones can be used for 10 hours or more on a full charge, making them a reliable choice for long trips.

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