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This Lighthouse AI Security Camera Sees What Moms Can’t

This Lighthouse AI Security Camera Sees What Moms Can’t

How many times have you wished you could watch a video of what happened in your house? Ask and you shall receive. Now you can.

Lighthouse is an AI powered security camera that lets you ‘know what’s happening’, aka spy on your family and house while you’re out. Do I want one, yes. Morally is it right? Probably not. I’m torn between this being the greatest invention for helicopter moms or a gross violation of family privacy.

So what does it do? In a nutshell, it’s like having a real life human eye that works as a home assistant in the body of a security camera. The camera itself records what’s in front of it and the smart stuff happens in the background. The video that the camera records gets analyzed and sends out alerts accordingly.

Here are some of the cool features:

Real-Time Updates and Video Search

There’s a ton of video footage that you can access by simply asking questions. Normally if you wanted to know what happened during 5 hours of footage, you have to crawl through it. So say you arrive home and the place is a mess or something has smashed on the floor. You can ask the camera what happened and it will show you.

Another scenario here is that you’re out of the house, but want to know the kids got home safe, or a grandparent dropped something over, or the dog walker left. You get a message to tell you this has happened. Watch the video below to grasp the beauty of it.

What people will actually use it for and what it’s intended for, one would hope are the same thing. You’ve basically got a human eye on your family, and they can’t lie about anything as you can access the footage.

Recognise Family, Friends and New Faces

The camera learns what faces are family and friends and can alert you if it sees someone unknown. For example, your kids bring home a friend that hasn’t visited before or the plumber is coming in to fix something. It also doubles up as a baby monitor as it has night vision, so you can use it to get notifications about your baby in real time.

Lighthouse AI Camera
[Image: courtesy of Lighthouse]

Home Help for Seniors or Assisted Living

Sometimes people need to be checked in on and you can’t always be there. You still worry though. With Lighthouse, you can ask it to alert you if there’s no activity detected between a certain time, which might alert you to an accident and help save a life.

Recognise Intruders

It can identify an unknown person in your house, such as an intruder or burglar and send you an alert on your phone. You can then call the authorities. It might be able to sync up to an alarm system eventually, but for now, that’s how it works. So if a burglar gets into the house and doesn’t trip the alarm, the Lighthouse camera will detect him.

Lighthouse AI Camera
[Image: courtesy of Lighthouse]

Gesture Recognition

If someone is at home and want to get your attention they can wave at the camera and you’ll get an alert. (They could also just pick up the phone.)

What’s in the Tech?

There’s a 1080 live stream camera, HD night vision, a 3D sensor, two-way talk and a security Siren. The technology used in Lighthouse camera can recognize 2D from 3D. This means it won’t get tricked with moving shadows and the camera will only be triggered by actual 3D movement. Using deep learning algorithms, the system is always machine learning and processing imagery.

What can’t it do?

Sorry, it can’t make you a cup of tea and you can’t put it outside in the rain. It’s for indoor use only. At the moment you need to buy one for each room, just like any security camera or position it at the most vulnerable points. So you’re going to need a few of these devices if security is your mission.

Where can I get one?

Currently, you can get one through the Lighthouse company website or Amazon.

Final Thoughts

While this technology is phenomenal and could make life better in so many ways, there will inevitably be downfalls. People like their privacy. It raises the moral issues of always having Big Brother watching you. A 24-hour surveillance camera that is always on and even worse understands every action you make. I’ll leave you with this final thought from the wise words of Jeff Goldblum as Ian in Jurrasic Park.

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”