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MakePad: Make Your Own Kids Tablet with Raspberry Pi

MakePad: Make Your Own Kids Tablet with Raspberry Pi

Earlier this year MakePad was released on Kickstarter. It’s a fun ‘build your own tablet’ project that teaches kids how to code. It’s not overly complicated to put together and once built, you can get into the coding element using Blockly. You can also write code in Python, Ruby and JavaScript.

The hardware consists of a 10.1” touchscreen with Raspberry Pi at the core, and it comes with embedded applications all ready to rock. This means it doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet which might benefit people in areas with little connectivity.

Building your own computer is not a new concept by any means and there are a few other players in the kids market doing it very well, such as Kano and Piper. It will be interesting to see if the final price point is lower than the competition, I think this would give MakePi some advantage, otherwise they might struggle.

What’s a little bit different with MakePad is that it’s an all in one touchscreen tablet, that is chunky and appeals to younger kids. It’s designed for children as young as 5 years old and has a cool lego compatible border so you can customize your tablet with lego bits. It adds a little bit of craft to the DIY building.

There’s no planned release date yet, but definitely one I’ll be keeping an eye out for.