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12 Popular Minecraft Books for Kids – Guides and Novels for Reading Fun!

12 Popular Minecraft Books for Kids – Guides and Novels for Reading Fun!

Pull your kids away from the screen and into a book with these popular Minecraft books for kids. Let them get sucked into the world further within the pages of a Minecraft novel or guide.

Whether your kid enjoys reading or not, there is a book that they will enjoy. Minecraft has a lot of official and unofficial guides that help kids unlock more secrets and information on how to play the game at a more advantageous level.

There are also Minecraft based novels by people who love the game. Follow characters around the Minecraft world as they learn lessons in friendship and growing up.

Pick up one of these 12 popular Minecraft books and watch as they have fun reading.

1. Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book 1

Told from a first person point of view, this fun novel will have your kids enjoying reading. Diary of a Minecraft Zombie is the first book in a series of Minecraft books for kids, about the zombies Minecraft players are familiar with. This book follows daily entries of a middle school aged zombie. There are various black and white photos in the book that help break up the story a little and keep it interesting. This book is a great story for all ages to enjoy, and does not have any scary or gory parts.

2. Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection

The four bestselling Minecraft books for kids are together in a gold-foiled boxed collectors set. Minecraft: The Complete Handbook includes the Essential Handbook, The Redstone Handbook, the Combat Handbook and the Construction Handbook. This set is a must have for anyone who wants to learn more about the vast world. These book are packed full of bright colored and instructional pages that help beginners learn the game, and more intermediate players learn cool new tricks and tips to master.

3. The Quest

This fun Minecraft book for kids will keep them occupied for hours as they follow the untold story of Steve. In The Quest by Mark Mulle, readers are transported to the Minecraft world where they meet Steve, a guy in single player mode. Steve considers himself the one and only hero of the story, until things start to fall apart. Determined to stay a hero, Steve takes off to find out what and who has caused the world to turn topsy turvy.

4. Unofficial Minecraft Lab for Kids

Help pull your kids away from the digital world with the Unofficial Minecraft Lab for Kids. This is jam packed full of fun experiments and crafts to get them hands off the controllers and hands on to something real. This book ties into the popular game by using Minecraft language and having kids build things in their own world, a similar way to how they build in Minecraft. This is also a great gift for parents who aren’t as familiar with the game. Parents and kids can spend quality time together working through the pages to build together.

5. Minecraft: Ultimate Minecraft Secrets

Unlock exciting secrets in the world of Minecraft to enhance your gaming experience. With the Ultimate Minecraft Secrets book, you can learn how to create giant monsters and mobs, ride a horse or a pig (upside down), make a cute yet deadly bunny or discover a secret Minecraft world that no one knows about. This book is packed full of hundreds of tips and tricks to keep you exploring. You can share with your friends, or keep all the secrets to yourself.

6. Diary Of An 8-bit Warrior

Meet Runt, a small villager who dreams of becoming a great Minecraft warrior like his hero Steve. In book four, it is time for Runt to decide what he wants to become in the Minecraft school. Will he choose to be a farmer, a butcher, a crafter or a miner? Runt decides to push for his dream to become a warrior and discovers that the five best students in school will get a chance to start warrior training. Diary Of An 8-bit Warrior is packed full of fun, adventure and just a little romance.

7. Minecraft: Blockopedia

The Blockopedia book is all about the blocks that make up the Minecraft world. This Minecraft book has been crafted to be hexagonal and looks like a 3D block. Inside the full colored pages you will find in depth information about every block that you will encounter in the game. Each block is shown with all it’s general properties along with some trivia and best uses. This is a great gift for beginners looking to learn about the game, or more intermediate gamers who want to up their skills.

8. Minecraft: Essential Handbook

Whether you are just beginning the game for the first time, or if you are a seasoned vet, this book is for you. With the Essential Handbook, gamers learn about how to survive the first few days in the game in order to jumpstart their game experience. It’s also a great book to read through if you are an intermediate player, it is packed full of great information that any level gamer can use to grow from. The pages are fully colored and well written.

9. Invasion of the Overworld

Follow the story of Gameknight999, a character who has spent his entire life on the other side of the game, tormenting real players and trying to ruin the game for them. One day, one of his father’s game teleports accidentally sends Gameknight999 into the real game world. He learns more about the monsters and real game players while he navigates the world and tries to figure out if he will respawn if he dies. Invasion of the Overworld is a great positive story for young kids and adults alike.

10. Diary of a Wimpy Steve Book 1

Discover what it’s like to be stuck inside Minecraft with Diary of a Wimpy Steve. Steve is a newbie who accidentally gets trapped inside the game. While roaming the spacious area, Steve realizes that he has no real survival skills, creepers are not good swimming friends and that caves drive him batty. Laugh along with this great story for young readers and watch as Steve learns who he really is and what he can be capably of if he only tries.

11. Minecraft: Secrets Handbook

Learn secrets without feeling guilty for cheating with the Top 100 Game Secrets Handbook. This Minecraft book is packed full of one hundred secrets, tips and tricks to conquering the Minecraft world. Learn how to use a torch to create or destroy objects, build and use a nether portal, stop zombies, stretch those potions, use ice to find diamonds, build a dirt mansion or fill up a huge area with water. This guide is sure to enhance any person’s game and let you explore new ways to play.

12. Blade of the Sea

Journey along with Trish as she ventures away from her quiet village. One day, a band of pirates blows through and flips Trish’s life upside down. This throws Trish right in the middle of a huge adventure to find the Blade of the Sea, a legendary weapon that is the key to an ancient treasure that has the power to bring chaos into the world. As a crafter, Trish uses the skills she knows to navigate this new world and solve puzzles in order to get the legendary weapon before the pirates do.

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