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5 Movies Where Moms Have Been Robots

5 Movies Where Moms Have Been Robots

Cook, clean, do laundry, tidy. New day, Restart. Are moms robots or do they just feel like them? Could a robot do the job of a mom or can a robot help a mom do her job?

It’s a lot to think about. Thankfully Hollywood has been exploring these ideas in more ways than one. The upcoming movie with Hilary Swank in ‘I Am Mother’, got me thinking about other movies where moms have been robots.

1. Sharon/Athena in Battlestar Galactica

boomerAthena was the only Cylon in Battlestar Galactica to fall pregnant with a Cylon Human Hybrid child they called Hera. She was one of the Number 8 Cylon models, with the other one most known as Sharon.

Humans made robots, they taught them how to feel, have emotions, and capture the essence of humanity. Some of the Cylons didn’t even know they were robots. Inevitably it raises the question if you think you’re human, won’t you start to desire human things and eventually reproduce? This all seems a bit mad right now, but in 100 years from now, maybe not so much. The reproduction of a synthetic species has been explored, but we’re just not there yet.

Arguably the best Sci-Fi remake of all time, although you won’t hear any arguments from me, Battlestar Galactica delved deep into many humanoid issues such as death, religion, reproduction and evolution.

2. Maeve Millay in Westworld

westworldSet in a future where man has the technology to 3D print synthetic humans, Westworld explores the idea of designing playgrounds where people can do and mostly kill who they want. The robots, known as ‘Hosts’, entertain the ‘Guests’ in an Old West setting, as they holiday and kick back without the consequences of the real world.

One of the storylines sees Maeve Millay played by Thandie Newton, as a mother. Her desire to be part of her child’s life drives her storyline and questions the emotional bond of humanoid and humanoid child robot.

In 2017, a group of researchers in the Creative Machines Lab at Columbia University, successfully 3D printed synthetic soft muscle. The idea of soft robots that feel like humans, is not so far fetched.

3. Joanna Eberhart in Stepford Wives

stepford wives

Stepford wives is a classic tale of robot wives. If your wife is causing you grief, create a doppelgänger and replace her with a more obedient robot. There were two movies, the first in 1975 with Katharine Ross and the remake in 2004 with Nicole Kidman. The films explore the idea of the feminism and the role that mothers play in the home environment.

Based on the book by Ira Levin, the story centers around a mother who moves to a small town called Stepford. She begins to notice all is not what it seems as the wives are just too happy. The films were bold and stirred up quite a bit of trouble and backlash from feminists. They made people examine the role of females in the home while touching on the notion of Artificial Intelligence. Replacing your wife with a robot is a bit extreme, but maybe having a robotic assistant is a better way to go. Leading on to the next movie.

4. iMom

Hailed ‘The cutting edge in lifestyle technology’, The iMom is a new robotic mother substitute designed to help parents with the not so fun parts of raising kids. The movie begins by introducing you to parents whom the iMom has helped. One dad says he doesn’t have to change nappies and a mom can go clubbing when she wants. The story then focuses on a Mother with a son and a baby. She’s heading out for the night with a friend and leaves the robot to cook dinner, clean and put the kids to bed.

It raises a few questions. Would you leave your kids in the safe hands of a robot? Unlike movies like iRobot, the iMom’s role is to mimic a mother, even with her interactions with the kids. Definitely worth a watch.

5. I Am Mother

Hilary Swank stars in this Sci-Fi thriller set in a future following an extinction level event. The story is about a teenager, living in a nuclear bunker raised by a robot mother. A stranger shows up and turns their world upside down, forcing the teenager to question her mother’s true nature. I Am Mother looks at the role of motherhood, being raised by a robot and an unusual doomsday post end of the world scenario.