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Make a Time Lapse Video of Your Child with the AI Precious Baby App

Make a Time Lapse Video of Your Child with the AI Precious Baby App

I have 3645 photos of my daughter on my phone and 2787 photos of my son. What can I do with them? Hold on, there’s an app for that.

Precious is a baby photo app powered by AI and it’s pretty cool. The app creates a time lapse video of your child from the first photo of birth to the most recent photo on your phone. It’s a visual timeline of how their appearance has changed and a video that will melt your heart. It also serves up a daily dose of blast from the past baby pics, that you haven’t seen in a while.

What’s different about this app, is that the artificial intelligence does all the work for you. You don’t have to manually select each and every photo to create the time lapse video. It figures it all out in the background using sophisticated image and pattern recognition.

We’re a different generation of parents that have cameras at our fingertips. Remember when you had to print photos from a roll of film? You had to think about each shot you took. Film was not cheap and neither was the printing. You didn’t know how the pics would turn out either until you opened the packet and saw them with your own eyes. As a result, most of us have very few baby photos, and videos were reserved for the lucky few.

Now, it’s a strange time, where we take hundreds and thousands of photos that we’ve no intentions of ever printing. This is where the Precious app comes in.

So how does it work?

To set it up I entered in my child’s name and date of birth. The app searches through your phone’s camera roll to find baby photos around that date. It then identifies your child’s image and uses machine learning and deep learning algorithms to figure out who is who.

Now I have two kids, friends kids and family kids on my phone. So it did get a little mixed up at times, but there is an edit feature to fix the wrong images. But mostly my son’s photos were of him and my daughter’s were of her, with the odd exception here and there. But I’m quite forgiving of technology and since I understand how it works in the background, I was extremely impressed.

Every day I open the app and tap on the presents to view randomly selected pics in a cute frame. It’s a daily dose of pictures that you wouldn’t usually look at. If you’ve taken a whole bunch of photos together, the app makes a fun moving GIF. I found these particularly amusing.

Precious App Features:

Today – You can open the little presents of surprise photos, view slideshows and save or share the pics with the fun frames. After six days the photos in the today section are removed so new ones can be added. I didn’t realize this at the start and didn’t save some GIFs that were made. They have a 24-hour countdown of when tomorrows new art will begin. I get a notification at 9 am every morning. The app uses the colors in the photos to pick matching frames, so it all blends together well.

Create – Here you pick your own photos and add a filter, fun art and text.

Time Lapse – This is really something. In order for the video to flow smoothly the face of the child must be centered. So if the baby pic is over someone’s shoulder, for example, the app centers the image and overlays it on top of a background.

You will have to be patient for this video to develop. It took me over a week, I had so many photos for it to scan through. Plus with two kids, I was trying to make two videos at once, so I kept switching profiles. I had also set it to only scan when connected to Wi-Fi and you have to remember to leave the app open as well. The results are amazing. I only wish my parents had this type of technology when I was a baby. What I wouldn’t give to see a video of myself growing and changing like that.

Slideshows – You can view a slideshow collection of photos from a certain week. Say for example ‘Baby’s 11th week’, or ‘Baby’s 2nd Month’ or Baby’a ’19th Month’.

More Art – Make your fun photos using the photo frame templates.

Profile Switching – I thought it was a bit awkward to switch between baby profiles. It wasn’t easy, plus on that page, the delete profile and switch profile buttons were right beside each other. I imagine a lot of people would hit delete by mistake.

Final Thoughts

I can see how this app could develop and add more features as the AI technology behind it develops. How amazing would it be if the app could search through video footage and make collages from that, not just photos. Someday! Currently it’s just for iPhone and iPad.

Price wise, it’s a monthly or yearly subscription, not a once off payment. It’s a service really that you’ll use every day so you kind of get hooked on it.

It’s a smashing app and I wish the developers all the best with it.