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Roller Coaster Challenge Review – Cool Building Game from ThinkFun

Roller Coaster Challenge Review – Cool Building Game from ThinkFun

Well known for their innovative and educational toys, ThinkFun’s Roller Coaster Challenge is a unique building game a little different from the norm.

Roller Coasters have always been a star attraction at fun fairs. The loops, twists and sheer height of them, make onlookers gasp in fear. Wouldn’t it be cool to learn a little bit about how they are constructed?

Designed for ages 6 and up, this game will test your logic skills and teach you some physics as you play. Is it too hard, too easy or does it have to many pieces? Let’s review.


  • Fun game for parents to play with kids.
  • Educational – Kids learn about engineering and physics.
  • Helps develop logical thinking.
  • Made from a strong plastic, not flimsy.


  • Only comes with one car. Going to be a problem if it gets lost.


RollerCoaster Challenge

Unboxing The Roller Coaster

There’s a lot of stuff in the box. The roller coaster tracks are color coded and come in a variety of different shapes. There is only one car though, so better make sure you don’t lose it! You also get a pack of 40 challenge cards, showing you how to build.

What’s In The Box

  • Grey Game Grid
  • 39 Track Pieces
  • 36 Post Pieces
  • 2 Cardboard Tunnels
  • Pack of 40 Challenge Cards
  • 1 Coaster Car

How to Play

You can play in two ways, start with the cards and follow the building instructions or dive right in and learn as you go along.

We started with the simplest card to get a feel for how it works. The black tubes are like pillars that hold up the colored tracks, and each track has it’s own purpose. There are blue and red corner tracks that click into the green and light blue tracks. The orange has a start and finish with a small tunnel and of course there’s a yellow twist loop. More so for decoration there are wooden tunnels that slot into the base as well.

RollerCoaster Challenge

As you build it, you soon realise what fits together and what doesn’t and the more time you spend with it, the more natural it comes to you. When we made a large ‘do it yourself’ track the car went down and around by itself, but needed a little push to get it going again. So you can experiment with the structure to see how far the car will ride. The car has a red plastic top with a silver ball attached to it, that slides on the track. I have it in a safe place in the cupboard for fear of loosing it. Would have been nice if it came with two cars, but I suppose when it inevitably get’s lost we can still play with a small marble.

RollerCoaster Challenge

As a parent and child activity, it’s fantastic. Building toys are always top of the list and it’s nice to play something that really make you think, even as an adult!