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Technology Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit Review

Technology Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit Review

What do you get when you mix playdough, alligator clips and LED lights? A very unusual playdough activity that teaches kids (and parents) about electronics.

The Technology Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit is one of those unique gifts for kids that combines crafts and circuit building. Yes, you could probably put this kit together yourself, but it’s a lot easier when it all comes in a nicely packaged box with illustrations.

Designed for kids aged 4-9 years, it’s the perfect size for a gift, and this little box is bursting with teachable moments.

Not without its faults, the Electro Dough Kit provides an unforgettable learning experience for kids, but lets find out what’s good and not so good about it.


  • Educational – Kids learn about circuit building.
  • Attractive, beautifully designed packaging.
  • Mixes crafts and electronics.


  • Doesn’t come with Playdough, you can make it or get some yourself.
  • The black and white instructions would be easier to follow in color.

Unboxing the Electro Dough

The box itself is really cute. The colors and branding work well together and as an adult, I was excited to open it. When you lift the flap the first thing you see is a recipe for making your own playdough and in the main box are all the wires and accessories you need to get started.

Technology Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit

What’s In The Box

  • 3 x Playdough cutter shapes
  • Aligator or crocodile clips
  • Tilt Switches
  • A buzzer
  • LED lights, green and red
  • Wires
  • Battery Pack (requires 4AA batteries not included)

Technology Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit

Making Playdough

Technology Will Save Us Electro Dough KitThis is a nice idea, but a real distraction from the core of what the product is about. Having never made playdough before or ever followed a playdough recipe, the kids and I made quite a mess.

So by the time the place was in any decent shape to start circuit building, and the kitchen got cleaned up, that playtime activity was over. The following day I just pulled out some regular playdough and we jumped right into playing with the LED lights.

I preferred the Ocean Pets approach where you get the materials you need with it. Otherwise it’s a bit like opening a present on Christmas day and realising you need batteries. But, Technology Will Save Us have a new product coming soon, which does come with its own playdough (see below).

Technology Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit

Circuit Building

The instruction sheet that comes with the box seemed to look perfect with very easy to follow diagrams. That was until I couldn’t get anything working. I think we needed more of a dummy’s guide to circuit building for first timers.

Had I read the instructions properly, I would have noticed the red wire and black needed to be positioned a certain way along with the short and long leg of the LED lights. It was a bit of an ‘Aha’ moment when I realised what was wrong. If the instructions were in color and the illustration for the long and short legs were more distinctive, it would have been so much easier.

For parents who are new to this, black and white is not helpful, and If I can make those mistakes so will older kids trying to do this themselves. That being said, I have certainly learned something.

Technology Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit

There are 6 circuits on the sheet to follow, so you eventually get to use the alligator clips, and the buzzer. When you know what you’re doing you can start to get creative making all kinds of objects and shapes with the playdough. The buzzer makes a squeaking sound and there are loads of green and red LED lights to make something really cool.

Educational Value

I found this kit very educational, especially for young children who would have never seen or touched wires before.

As a starter kit for electronics, it’s excellent for beginners. Understanding the concept of a conductive material is made simple by mixing crafts that kids are familiar with like playdough. Learning about circuits becomes a fun creative experience that parents and kids can do together.

What’s Next?

Technology Will Save Us have released a new Dough Universe Set. This looks to be very promising and it comes with its own Playdough. Yeah! Can’t wait to try that out.