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Toucan Box Review (Craft Subscription Box For Kids)

Toucan Box Review (Craft Subscription Box For Kids)

Does your son or daughter like arts and crafts? Do you find it hard to come up with ideas of things to make?

Entertaining kids is a tough enough job and looking up craft projects on Google and Pinterest can be time consuming. Never mind having colored feathers, pipe cleaners and an array of beads lying around the house. One solution is have something delivered right to your door with everything you need in a little cardboard box.

The Toucan Box is a monthly craft subscription box for kids aged 3-8 years old. I’ve been testing it out for a couple of months and wanted to share my experience. I signed up for the fortnightly box and it fits through my letterbox with ease. My 3 year old gets so excited when it comes. After all, she’s never had post especially for her and with her name on it.

When the first box arrived, even I was excited! Project number one was a dreamcatcher, which is still hanging in the bedroom. In the second box were crafts and to make two jellyfish and the third box had a canvas and paints to create a modern art painting.


  • The Petite box fits through your letterbox.
  • Easy for kids to make themselves (with a little help).
  • More than enough craft items to complete the project.
  • Other activities to follow in the booklet.



  • The instructions were over simplistic, would prefer a little more guidance.
  • After making a few projects, they can feel a bit the same.
  • The recipes in the activity book looked hard to make. Some YouTube videos would be easier to follow.


Unboxing the Toucan Box

The branding, colors and boxing had an overall nice feel to it. Each box comes with an activity book that has instructions for making a project, a recipe for cooking or baking something, other coloring activities and sometimes a bonus project to get even more creative. This craft subscription box for kids is packed full of goodies.

What You Get In The Petite Box

  • 1 x Activity Booklet with Instructions
  • 1 x Sticker for collecting
  • 1 x Set of arts and crafts materials

How It Works

There are three craft subscription boxes for kids to choose from:

  • Petite – Delivered every two weeks through your letterbox with 1 Craft project.
  • Grande – Larger monthly box with 2 Craft projects, stickers and a reading book. You have the option to purchase extra materials for each box for siblings.
  • Super – Even bigger monthly box with 4 Craft projects, stickers, a reading book and a card with information about the educational learning inside the box. Again you have the option to purchase extra materials for each box for siblings.

Box 1 – The Dreamcatcher

We made a dreamcatcher with the first Toucan box. The instructions were very easy to follow and I helped thread the main part in the middle, but my daughter was able to thread the beads herself, paint it and add the stickers. The paint from the watercolor pallet didn’t turn out that well, but there were more than enough materials to complete the project. There were also lots of feathers to make a Native American headband.

Box2 – The Jelly Fish

Toucan Box Jellyfish

The Jellyfish project came with two pre-cutout semi circle shapes, which would become the body of each Jellyfish. Using ribbons and beads, we threaded the blue circles and tied knots. Then my daughter put on the stickers and eyes to make the faces. There were also instructions on how to make a cardboard aquarium using the actual Toucan box, which is a nice way of using up the rest of the materials, without having to throw anything out.

Box 3 – The Modern Art Painting

Toucan Modern Art
At the time of this review, we had just finished the third box. It came with a canvas and a black sheet of foam material that I had to cut into strips and position on the canvas like a Piet Mondrian modern art painting. Once glued, the lines became a guide for boxes to be painted. There were also loads of soft foam circle stickers for making another art picture in the back of the activity book.


This was my first experience of a using a monthly craft subscription box service for kids and I will definitely be trying a few more. We are big arts and crafts fans in my house, so the Toucan box was a hit!