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20 Best Coding Toys & Coding Robots for Kids

20 Best Coding Toys & Coding Robots for Kids

More and more kids are learning to code at an early age, so what’s better than playing with coding robots that teach the basics of programming?

Robots are the type of toy that brings children together to play. Mums, dads, brothers and sisters can all have fun playing with cool coding toys.

Like many of the educational toys on the market, robots offer a fun and engaging way to get hands-on with learning. Interactive toys encourage children to get involved, solve problems, and make quick decisions, developing their skills through play.

Every year there’s a new wave of programming toys on the market, and they’re getting more advanced, but easier to use as time goes on. From building robots from lego to more advanced robot kits, there is something out there for everyone. There are simple robots for beginners who want to get an easy hands-on feel, and more advanced coding robots for kids and coding drones that require more attention.

To point you in the right direction, here is our pick of the newest and best coding toys for your budding little programmers.

Best Coding Robots for Kids

1. Kano Coding Kits

The Kano kits are excellent toys to teach kids about how computers work by building their own device. The latest in the range include the Kano Disney Frozen 2 kit, Kano Star Wars The Force and the Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit. Frozen fans are in for a treat as they create their own blizzards, conjure up a palace and code all the cool stuff that Elsa does!

2.  JIMU Robots Mythical Series: Firebot Kit

Part of the UBTECH JIMU Robots Mythical Series, the Firebot kit is sure to be a hit over the holidays. Similar to the previous Unicornbot, the kit uses Blockly to code and program the robot to do all sorts of cool things. You can program the wings to move, make sound effects and code your creation with the app to move around obstacles.

3. littleBits Base Inventor Kit

littleBits have released a number of exciting electronic kits to suit a variety of interests. Superhero fans can have fun with the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit, Star Wars fans can build their own R2-D2 Droid, musical kids can make guitars and there are other inventor kits to explore. Kids can design and build any number of things imaginable using the colorful littleBits electronic pieces.

4. Botley

Botley is a new coding robot from Learning Resources that is well built, easy to use and is great for younger kids. He also comes with an activity pack so kids can make him a playground. There is no screen required, you code him with the remote which is straightforward to operate. Botley can move in a straight line, turn or follow any thick black drawn line. Read my full review of Botley where we printed a unicorn shape for him to follow.

5. Sphero Bolt

Sphero Bolt has now joined the family with a colorful animated LED Matrix display. This fantastic little robot is one of the best STEAM learning tools on the market. The fun and quirky design from Sphero has been a quick hit with kids of all ages. Interactive activities with the robot and app show kids the fun side of programming, with many creative games to keep them entertained.

6. Robo Wunderkind

There are quite a few coding robotic blocks for kids, but Robo Wunderkind is especially good. Designed for kids aged 5-10 years, the blocks are colorful and most importantly a good size for kids to hold. Compatible with Lego bricks and Lego Technic, the kit helps extend the imagination to coding and robotics in a fun educational way. A starter kit and educational kit is available.

7. Lego Boost

Lego is one of the most creative learning toys that children love. Some of the more advanced kits, like the Lego Boost toolbox, also come with excellent opportunities to get creative and learn to code. Kids can build different styles of robots that will connect with the app to allow them to unlock special levels, and get new building instructions.

8. Cozmo Coding & Anki Vector

One of the most highly rated coding robots on the market, Cozmo has a lot of tech crammed into a very tiny body. With the release of the Cozmo Code Lab, kids can use block-based programming to get their robot moving. From displaying emotions on his screen to recognizing faces and exploring his environment, this robot will make any child more curious about technology. The interactive robot will share plenty of hands-on learning games to keep kids entertained for hours. Anki Vector is now available with integrated AI technology.

9. Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Dash, Dot and Cue are fun-looking, coding robots for kids that come to life with a tablet. The Wonder Workshop Robots teaches kids the basics of programming, critical thinking, reasoning, and much more. Moreover, kids will have a lot of fun while programming their first robot to race, dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even react to their voice. Read my review of the Dot Creativity robot kit for crafty kids.

10. Osmo Coding Awbie

Osmo Coding Awbie is the ideal toy for girls and boys who learn best through hands-on experiences. The game comes with multiple different puzzle pieces, that can be used in conjunction with the app to learn coding concepts. For more music orientated kids there is Osmo Coding Jam where kids use the blocks to design their own songs, and make the beats come alive.

11. Bloxels

Bloxels is a great choice for kids that love building games, featuring a blank tile board that kids can use to design unique game levels. The Star Wars kit is similar to the original but with different colored blocks. Kids can make their favorite characters come to life to engage in their own unique Star Wars game levels.

12. Ozobot Evo

Teach your children to code with color using the tiny Evo robot from Ozobot. The Ozobot Evo is one of the smallest robots for kids on the market and will respond to a special kind of code that children can draw on paper. The robot has more advanced features when combined with the app, introducing drag and drop programming in a way easily understood by children.

13. Meccano MAX

The latest programming robot for kids has hit the shelves! The Mecanno M.A.X is a cool little sidekick controlled with a Smartphone, Tablet or directly with his in-built keypad. M.A.X combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with customizable coding, resulting in a robot that can talk, tell jokes, play games and respond to voice commands. His infrared sensors help him to navigate around objects as he moves smoothly around on wheels.

14. WowWee Coder MiP

Coder Mip by WowWee is another great robot themed coding toy that offers interactive play, drag and drop coding, and a selection of fun games. This unique robot is controlled using an app, can balance items, and compete against other robots, all while responding to a kid’s hand gestures.

15. Dance Code featuring Disney Princess Belle

Learning with the help of your favorite TV and movie characters can make the experience much more enjoyable for children. Dance Code Belle introduces coding in a charming way, with the doll able to help children create their own dance routines. With fun songs and well-known movie references, it’s the perfect coding princess toy for kids over 5 years old. Read my review of  Dance Code Belle.

16. Modular Robotics Cubelets Robot Blocks – Discovery Set

One of the best robot kits for kids are Cubelets, interlocking robotic cubes that click together using magnets. Each cube has its own purpose and by joining them together you can make your robot do all sorts of things. You can get brick adapters to connect your cubes to lego bricks for even more artistic robotic building, and even add a Bluetooth Cubelet to make your robot remote controlled.

17. Technology Will Save Us Arcade Coder

Arcade Coder Kit

Arcade Coder is a new coding game from Technology Will Save us. Designed for multiple players, kids and parents can play together to customize pre-coded games or create their own new ones! The board has illuminated LED animations that light up as the games are programmed. It looks to be an interesting coding toy, due for release in November 2019.

18. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

Code-a-pillar is a great toy designed for younger learners, providing an interactive experience away from a screen. This cute colorful coding toy has multiple light-up sections that can be taken apart and placed back together to create a new movement sequence. A great choice of toy to introduce the idea of programming to children from 3 to 8 years old. Read my review of the  Code-a-Pillar.

19. Cubetto

Bring coding into the real world and present the language in a way that children as young as 3 years old can understand. The Cubetto Playset by Primo Toys is one of the most hands-on coding toys available for little learners. Cubetto combines the classic style of a wooden puzzle game, with fun new coding concepts and colorful puzzle pieces. Read my review of Cubetto.

20. Codrone

A successful Kickstarter project, the CoDrone from Robolink is a flying coding drone that kids and teens will love. Learning to code with a toy drone is pretty awesome and this little guy can be controlled with hand gestures and voice commands. You can get additional add-ons to make it roll on wheels or add in a camera.

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