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12 Virtual Reality in Education Apps – STEM Learning

12 Virtual Reality in Education Apps – STEM Learning

Virtual reality in education is a really exciting time in children, and adults, lives. There is something amazing about being immersed in a 3D environment that compels students to come back for more.

Students are able to absorb information in a 3D world, while having an engaging and fun experience. There are many platforms for students to use, such as Google Cardboard, Daydream, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

For an out of this world learning experience, here are 12 of the best virtual reality education apps available for STEM learning.


InMind – Explore Human Brain

InMind VR Students curious about how the brain works will like InMind VR. It allows users to take a 3D journey into the brain, searching for neurons that cause mental disorders. It is basically an adventure through the brain with missions in place.

Anatomy VR

The idea of the Anatomy VR app from Unimersiv, is to allow students of all ages to learn about the human body in a more engaging way. Anatomy VR is a 3D journey throughout the human body. It gives kids a chance to get up close and personal with the bones, structures, and muscles of the body and have a better understanding of what makes the human body work. Unimersiv design a range of virtual reality education apps that are worth checking out.

Anatomyou VR

Anatomyou VR

We’ve all read the biology textbooks that show diagrams of the human anatomy, the Anatomyou VR app goes one step further. Essentially a virtual reality atlas of the human body, it is advancing the medical world as well as getting kids interested in what’s happening in the body. This app has over 4,000 realistic anatomical structures and models, with a text description explaining each of them. Even better, there’s no flicking through thousands of paper pages, rather you get to enjoy a 3D journey through the human body.


Chemistry VR

At school, it may have seemed like chemistry was a subject that was never going to be interesting. However, now with virtual reality in education on its side, chemistry got a whole lot more engaging. The Chemistry VR app is about combining the science of chemistry with an adventurous mission of collecting chemical elements. It is a fun mix of educational content and an escape the classroom concept.

EON Experience AVR

The EON virtual reality in education experience is a mix of augmented reality and virtual reality, all rolled into one cool VR app.  There are quizzes, tests, and fun competitions to engage kids in subjects in astronomy, biology, anatomy, history, geography and physics.

Cleanopolis VR

Cleanopolis VR

Saving the world and being an environmental warrior just got a whole lot more engaging and enjoyable with Cleanopolis VR. This game promotes solar energy and energy saving alongside the character of Captain Clean. Featuring four districts and eight mini games, kids can venture around and reduce carbon emissions. It is perfect for introducing kids to the concept of climate change and how they can reduce their carbon footprint.


Titans of Space

Understanding and exploring space science is what the Titans of Space VR app is all about. It features an authentic miniature solar system which you get to explore, and beyond if you dare! Each tour stop has plenty of information and interactive features available. It is up to you how long you hang out at each stop before space hopping to the next!

StarTracker VR 

StarTracker VR offers the best stargazing experience and combines the actual night sky in front of you with more information and understanding about the stars and star patterns. With this app, stargazing goes from finding join-the-dot pictures to actually knowing what is going on in those shiny balls of light.

Apollo 11 VR

The Apollo 11 VR experience is about the greatest leap for mankind and allows everyone to experience what the first moon landing was like. This is essentially a VR documentary. It features recreations of space crafts and locations and introduces each person who helped on piecing the first space landing together. It is informative and insightful for kids.

Unimersiv Apps: International Space Station

Unimersiv is all about taking learning and making it more engaging so that students of all ages can learn faster. Using VR as a way to do this is proving to be very successful. The International Space Station app takes students into the world of preparing to fly to the moon and what happens in the training and processes.



One of the most original virtual reality in education apps, CoSpaces is letting children create their very own VR space. With a choice of objects and characters that can be animated and adapted, this VR experience is completely unique. It is easy to use and provides a great insight to how things can be pieced together. It also has a sharing feature to invite friends over to your VR environment.


Minecraft is a super popular game that millions around the world simply adore. Vivecraft is taking it to the next level by making the game completely VR. Vivecraft differentiates the original game by allowing users to have more control, more free movements, and better sharing features to see your friends’ VR worlds.