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12 Best VR Headsets for Kids and Teens

12 Best VR Headsets for Kids and Teens

Can’t wait to jump into a virtual reality world? Kids can now journey to foreign lands, explore space, or play games using VR headsets.

VR headsets for kids are becoming more popular, and toy companies have started to design them for a slightly younger age group.

While no one will endorse a child strapping on a virtual reality headset for hours on end, in moderation, VR can be fun and educational. These immersive gadgets are great for viewing 3D worlds, learning new ideas, and playing games in a new and up close way.

Most VR headsets are targeted at an older age group, so there’s more choice when looking for VR headsets for teens. More advanced virtual reality headsets such as the Playstation VR require an additional console. But Google Cardboard type headsets only require the use of a smartphone, so are more accessible and affordable.

Virtual reality isn’t going away anytime soon, so dive in with a suitable headset and have some fun experimenting! Here is a list of the best VR headsets for kids and teens.

Best VR Headsets for Kids

1. VRSE Batman VR Headset

A new release from VRSE, the Batman VR Headset for kids is going to be an unforgettable gift. His fan base spans decades and now kids get to become the Caped Crusader and battle against bad guys in Gotham City. The batman set comes with a game that you download to your Android or iPhone, that is placed inside the headset. Also included is a cool batarang controller to hold during game play. For kids that love batman and video games, this is going to be an immersive experience with hours of entertainment. VRSE have another VR Headset for Dinosaur fans, the VRSE Jurassic World.

Ages: 8+

2. View-Master Deluxe VR Viewer

The View Master VR headsets for kids are an updated version of the original view master, where kids clicked through a reel of images, while holding the headset up to their eyes. Today’s virtual reality version lets you put your mobile phone inside to view virtual reality apps installed on your iPhone or Android smartphone. They’ve kept the iconic reels, but they don’t go in the headset, instead you look at them with the viewer held to your eyes and an augmented reality 3D image appears. The View Master is a great starter kids friendly virtual reality headset.

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Ages: 8+

3. Merge VR

The Merge VR headset is made with soft and flexible foam and is compatible with almost all smartphones. There are dual left and right buttons on the headset that allow you to perform actions as you go, this way there is no need for a controller. The VR headset goes hand in hand with a range of cool VR START apps, where you can play games and explore other worlds.

Merge VR has also released the Merge Cube, a handheld physical cube that lets kids experience augmented reality.

Ages: 10+

4. Google Cardboard by CardboardKid

Simple, immersive and creative, the CardboardKid Virtual Reality Headset is perfect for kids. There are loads of Google Cardboard headsets, but this one lets you use crayons or markers to color and decorate the cardboard shell. Any smartphone smaller than six inches can be used with this headset.

Ages: 8+

5. Seedling Maze

Seedling Maze is one of the most creative VR headsets for kids that combines a physical board game maze with virtual reality. To play, build your maze with the included Seedling kit. There are different shaped blocks that allow you to make the sides and maze intersections. Then, pull out and decorate the cardboard VR headset. Once ready, use your smartphone to take a photo of the maze using an app, and place your smartphone inside the newly decorated headset. Then you can take a 3D virtual reality tour through the maze you just built.

Ages: 8+

Best VR headsets for Teens 2017

6. DSCVR Headset

Virtual reality headsets for kids and teens should be sturdy, as undoubtedly they will be thrown around the place. The DSCVR Headset is made from all plastic, and is more durable, compared to other cardboard viewers. Compatible with all Google Cardboard apps, this slick looking device is a good starter viewer.

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7. PlayStation VR

If you’ve already got a PlayStation 4 at home, you’ll be used to a very high standard of gaming. Add in a PlayStation VR headset and there’s a whole new WOW factor to be experienced. Games are specifically designed for the PS VR and gaming teens will not be disappointed.

8. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Step into the Rift and become immersed in one of the coolest VR headsets for teens, parents, grandparents and gamers! Complete with a sensor, a wrap around head design and built in headphones, the Rift is easy to use and offers an unforgettable experience.

9. Google Daydream View

Google Daydream ViewThe Google Daydream headset is only compatible with specific phones, none the less, it’s an excellent headset not to be dismissed. The headset is covered in fabric, so it’s very comfortable to wear and it comes with a remote. Unfortunately you won’t find as many apps for it as Google Cardboard, but more developers are building on the platform.

10. Samsung Gear VR

This is the second generation version for Samsung Gear and it is powered by Oculus, the leading name in the VR world. You can play your favorite games, or watch Netflix in a whole new way. The new updates include a wider field of view, it’s more comfortable to wear and the touch panel has been redesigned.


Another competing VR headset on the market is the HTC VIVE. Designed to make the VR experience feel natural and intuitive, games can be found on Viveport and the Steam platform.

12. OSVR

Get ready to leap into another world with the OSVR headset. Built with comfort in mind, there is a large thick foam cushion to keep the wearer happy while immersed in playing for long periods of time. This wired headset comes with a belt box clip for easier cable management, so that you can play without worrying about tangles.

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